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Don't Sweat the MS

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Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s how the saying goes, right?

But what if the seemingly smaller aspects of your life are actually the ones that drive your engine and spirit?

Life with multiple sclerosis is not easy. Energy needs to be rationed. The odd and sometimes agonizing sensations never cease. Pain is constant. The quantity and quality of vision and mobility is negotiated on a moment-to-moment basis...

The Moment

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Life altering events come in various forms. It could be one brief moment, a snapshot in time; or perhaps extend over a week, months or even a year. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious to recognize; in other instances, it might not fully register or become clear until later... 

My Voice

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a boy named Michael.  The land was Europe. Frankfurt, Germany, to be exact. It was September 1980 and it was Michael’s first day of kindergarten.  Michael, the youngest of three boys, was excited to finally join his older brothers at school. His mother, Frances, walked proudly with him to Frankfurt Elementary #1...

Going for Gold

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It was a beautiful spring day. Crisp air and clear skies accompanied me as I jogged through our neighborhood.  Oftentimes, I juggled work ideas in my head during my runs and this one was probably no different. But when it happened, I was actually pondering whether I should take our dog, J├Ąger, with me on a run the next day. I even remember the exact house I was in front of when my left leg gave out...

The MS Handshake

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Out here in Texas there aren’t many fans of the D.C./Virginia sports teams so whenever I wear any Redskins, Nationals or Hokies gear, it stands out.  Last week, while I was at the store, an older man started a conversation with me. “Go Nationals!” I heard him exclaim as he was staring at the Washington Nationals hat I had on...

Five Things

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About nine years ago, I was in a meeting at work and the executive in charge declared: “Five things. I can only remember five things at one time.”   He said it with a smile, but I understood the larger theme that he was communicating – keep the presentations brief and our recommendations/solutions as clear and concise as possible. Five things. His words still echo in my thoughts today but for vastly different reasons than what he had originally intended...

The MS Grenade

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Everyone has their own 30-second story. It’s not a detailed autobiography, just high-level talking points that capture who you are and what you do. This isn’t just an adult thing; you may not realize it, but you’ve been doing it since you learned to talk. The Early Years:  When you are just a toddler and meet someone new, within seconds, you’re discussing how old you are.  Age is the defining characteristic of a child’s life – sometimes a question about having a pet, siblings or how many times the Tooth Fairy has visited might be included - but the focus revolves around your number – 3, 6, or even 9 years old...  

Wind Quest

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Think back to when you were eight years old. What did you consider awesome back then? And how does that compare to what you consider awesome now? Certain words or phrases take on different meanings as one journeys through life. I started thinking about this the other day, when I told my wife I needed to find my second wind... 

(Not) The Sound Of Music

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“Are you claustrophobic?” asks the radiologist. I awkwardly respond, “No, I’m not...” As I walk down the hallway and into the room with the MRI machine, I ponder…does another scenario exist where that is the opening question from someone I’ve never met before?  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (better known as MRI) is an annual ritual to be endured by most individuals with multiple sclerosis.  The machine, weighing over 11 tons, takes pictures of the lesions on my brain, neck and spine which my neurologist then uses to evaluate the progression of my MS...

Thumbs Up

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One of the hidden blessings of living with multiple sclerosis is how much more time I’m able to spend at home with my family. There are no long hours at the office nor cross-country business trips that keep me away for days or weeks at a time. But within that good fortune is a difficult paradox to navigate: I’m here, but technically, I’m not always *really* here...
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