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Learning about MS*

Hey guys, I'm a student who's taking an anatomy class at school. Part of the class is a a chronic condition project in which we have to learn about a certain disease. The chronic condition…

Cfs/me that later proves to be ms*

hi , I’m in the position of being diagnosed with cfs/ME 2 years ago , unable to work . I had an episode which I started with pins and needles in hands face and tongue with some numbness. I had…


Have you seen any benefit to your life on this site? Have you been surprised by anything you have learned here? Has this site made a positve impact on your life with ms? Do you think this site…

Eye Floaters*

Hi All, Anyone have floaters in one eye related to MS?  Black spots and weblike particles that move when I try to focus on them.  Maybe from Rituxan infusions or Zoloft for anxiety? Thank…

Clinically Isolated Syndrome? This is what I'm left with :( Help! *

As any of you can attest to, having a diagnosis makes you not feel crazy. It quiets anxiety when weird things happen to your body. A diagnosis gives you a direction to look when you're unsure…

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What was your age when diagnosed?

At 65 I was diagnosed with MS.  After having the same vision issue 20 years after the first occurance I was sent for an MRI.  Hey, I thought it could be a brain tumor.  My physician sent me…

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Dealing with people who dont believe in invisible symptoms.

I have a mom, a nurse no less, who just doesn''t "get" that cognitive impairment is real.  Whether its not being able to focus and cook with noise and other people around or difficulty in…

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How to cope?*

I'm new here and I'm not really sure if this is where I should put this. I was diagnosed on Monday and I am stilly really confused/angry/upset. I'm a college student and I am having issues…

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Spouse no longer finds me "desirable"....

How many of you experienced this intimacy issue from your significant other (wife/husband) and what did you do about it?  

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Moral support needed.....

Hello all! I havent been on this site in quite awhile...I moved away from Indiana 1 1/2 years ago to move to ohio in with the man I love. Right now it seems as though we are 2 separate…

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