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Symptoms of MS

Most symptoms of MS can be managed very effectively with medication, rehabilitation, and other management strategies. From fatigue to cognitive issues to sexual dysfunction, share strategies with others who are managing similar symptoms.

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Treating MS

Assistive technology and mobility, complementary and alternative medicine, disease modifying therapies, emerging therapies, managing symptoms, rehabilitation therapies, research.

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Discuss the latest research to stop MS in its tracks, restore function, and end MS forever. (Then hop over to Get Involved to Join the Movement.)

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Ask an MS Navigator - Answers

MS Navigators are trained National MS Society Information and Referral Specialists who can provide answers to your questions and access to information about all of the options and resources available to you. Find answers to your questions here. Got a question? Ask it under Ask an MS Navigator – Questions.

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Daily Life

We are more than our MS diagnosis. This is a place to discuss other aspects of our lives: relationships, parenting, healthy living, hobbies/recreation, traveling, employment, and more.

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Get Involved

Find and share ways to get connected to our common cause – ending MS. Share why and how you connect with the MS Movement—even promote your event or fundraiser or advocacy work for others to join in. What you do and what you give makes a difference.

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