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Frustration with drs/issues not being treated

Small rant. Since one issue came on over a year ago (nausea, back in June 2015) more countless symptoms began to show. And now that its been long over a year, my current quality of life has…

Being Independant and having MS just do not go together

I am 61 yrs old and have worked since I was 14, even raised both my girls mostly on my own. I was diagnosed with progressive MS in October of 2015. Have worked in retail for the last five…


Anyone diagnosed live in Pittsburgh? 

Caffeine... Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

Hello all. I was diagnosed with MS back in May, and I definitely struggle with fatigue in the evenings. I'm usually fine all day until I suddenly get hit hard with sleepiness, usually around 8…

Strokes that might be MS

I'm new here and just looking for some community in all this mess that's been my life the past couple months.  My story: around the age of 28 I started having back pain and night sweats. Would…

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What was your age when diagnosed?

At 65 I was diagnosed with MS.  After having the same vision issue 20 years after the first occurance I was sent for an MRI.  Hey, I thought it could be a brain tumor.  My physician sent me…

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Dealing with people who dont believe in invisible symptoms.

I have a mom, a nurse no less, who just doesn''t "get" that cognitive impairment is real.  Whether its not being able to focus and cook with noise and other people around or difficulty in…

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How to cope?

I'm new here and I'm not really sure if this is where I should put this. I was diagnosed on Monday and I am stilly really confused/angry/upset. I'm a college student and I am having issues…

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Spouse no longer finds me "desirable"....

How many of you experienced this intimacy issue from your significant other (wife/husband) and what did you do about it?  

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Moral support needed.....

Hello all! I havent been on this site in quite awhile...I moved away from Indiana 1 1/2 years ago to move to ohio in with the man I love. Right now it seems as though we are 2 separate…

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