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Resiliency With MS
Resiliency With MS

People living with MS are often familiar with, and at times masters of, resiliency. Resiliency is the ability to adjust to misfortune or change; with the many day-to-day unknowns of MS, share…

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caution: only for those who want to go there Part One ​After being on 100mg of Zoloft for years, I told the gp I wanted to stop, he said to cut the dose in half for a week then stop it all…

App to notify loved ones if there is an issue*

Anyone know of a smartphone app that can bug me every once in a while and alert family if I don't respond. 

ADA protection without a diagnoses*

I have a question that I am hopeing someone here might know the answer too. Of course a Lawyer would be the expert opinion but maybe some have already dealt with this or know of a source that…

Head aches with MS*

My daughter was diagnosed with MS last month, her first symptom was vertigo. She had a spinal tap right before Thanksgiving and has gone down hill from there. She got the spinal tap headache…

possible ms symptoms*

Let me start by saying I know that only a doctor can make a diagnosis, I’m just scared and curious and looking for stories similar to my own. I am a 36 yo female who has recently had an influx…

Side Effects......*

This is my first post and its mostly just to rant some of my anxiety/stress with treatment. I was diagnosed in August and feel very fortunate that my symptoms have been mostly managable. I…

MS like symptoms*

Hello everyone, I know that only a Dr can tell me if I have MS but based on the little research i have done so far, I am fairly certain that will be diagnosis. I went to see my PCP on…

Ms panel results *

I have had an mri of my brain a month ago that showed multiple lesions. I had a spinal tap last week and I have high lymphocytes and low monocytes. Everything else was normal. I am waiting for…

Resiliency With MS

People living with MS are often familiar with, and at times masters of, resiliency. Resiliency is the ability to adjust to misfortune or change; with the many day-to-day unknowns of MS, share…

Therapy Dog *

Hello everyone, I'm new to this, I was directed here by Maren from the National MS Society, they thought the community here might be able to help with the dilemma I'm having. There is more…

Big MS Relapse *

Going from feeling fine to wham with no warning. Waist done numbness and tingling and then eventually pins and needing. Left foot no feeling. Landed in the ER and then admitted for 4 days…


Some years ago Unitedhealthcare bought optimum mail order drugs and tried to put local independent pharmacies out of the competition by offering cheaper scripts through their mail order. Many…

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis*

I just read an interesting article. [url=]Click for SPMS article[/url] . I was diagnosed with Multiple…

Do you talk to your brain?*

There is the part of my brain that tells me how I feel emotionally about something. good, bad, happy, sad etc. Sometimes my brain has been tricked into thinking emotionally a certain way, by…

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Life with MS*

Hey, everyone I just joined MS connection although I've had MS for about 6-7 years. I am now 29 there were a lot of bumps in the road when I first go diagnosed. I hate seeing people having…

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Trying to rule out*

'm 26 years old and started having on/off neuro symptoms. I've had muscle spacticity/ridgity (sp?) For 5 or 6 years. Left lower side of my back was first. Now my whole back, muscles on both…

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Bemer Therapy*

Hi! I am surprised that when I search "Bemer" on this entire site, nothing comes up! I have heard about this for a long while, and the benefits for MS patients. I am a little skeptical but…

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I'm scared I have MS *

Hi:) I'm twenty years old and for a while now I've been experiencing a lot of tingling in my face. I have floaters in my eyes and see traces of light all the time. The other light, my feet…

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Health *

  I just completed my 3rd week of going to the gym 4x/wk. I'm stunned at how much better I'm feeling in such a short time. I'm pushing ahead further and this is where I could use some input. …

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