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Treating MS

Copaxone *

Hi all  have had a recent Mri which showed my brain lesions are still the same, my lesions on c1-4 have some resolution but I have a new leison on c5, so they want me to start copaxone 3x per week.  Has as anyone had any experiences of this drug please?. I have been drug free for 15 yrs but in the last 2 yrs… Read More

Ocrevus and/or Marijuana*

I have Primary Progressive MS and am struggling with the decision to begin taking the new drug Ocrevus. Has anyone taken it and what were your results/feelings/reactions to it? I am 64. Please tell me your age as I hear that may make a difference in side effects. Also, if anyone has input on the use of Medical… Read More


Copaxone injection sites.....they are itching me to insanity!  the backs of my arms are the worse, followed by a very close second on my thighs.....knots and itching....eek!  And by the time it finally goes away, i've made it back to that area in rotation.  anyone have suggestions for the itching?  is there… Read More

Hair Loss and Techfidera *

Been on Techfidera for 4 years now. The hair loss is almost intolerable. I don't need haircuts anymore since my hair doesn't grow. It's so frizzy and weak, I look like I put my finger in a light socket.  Wanted to share this in case anyone else has experienced this. I also still experience flushing every so… Read More

Side Effects......*

This is my first post and its mostly just to rant some of my anxiety/stress with treatment. I was diagnosed in August and feel very fortunate that my symptoms have been mostly managable. I have had tingling and numbness. My worst symptom is fatigue which changes daily.Myfirst treatment was Copaxone. I had… Read More


OK. So I do not normally contribute to blogs, discussion, conversations etc. as I fall firmly into the "lurker" category. However, I do check out this site often and have appreciated everyone else's contributions. So why contribute now?  The reason I am typing now is in about 4hrs I am going for my first… Read More


Some years ago Unitedhealthcare bought optimum mail order drugs and tried to put local independent pharmacies out of the competition by offering cheaper scripts through their mail order. Many of us complained to our state senators and got that situation corrected.  ​Now CVS is buying Aetna Insurance and Amazon… Read More

Tysabri and JC Virus *

So I am entering into my fourth year of being on Tysabri as my treatment and it is really helping me, but from what I remember my doctor telling me I will eventually have to probably be put on another treatment, because eventually I will go from JC negative to positive and I wont be able to be on Tysabri… Read More

Bemer Therapy*

Hi! I am surprised that when I search "Bemer" on this entire site, nothing comes up! I have heard about this for a long while, and the benefits for MS patients. I am a little skeptical but there is a lot of excellent studies and some are on PUBMED, a very re*****ble source.  I am trying it out and plan to buy… Read More

Tecfidera vs Aubagio*

hi was just dianosed on Friday and my dr gave me the choice of these two meds if I want oral.  Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on either.  Been doing some reading but wanted to see if anyone has tried them and how you have made out with them Read More

Stopping Tecfidera side effects*

Can anyone share suggestions or experience when stopping Tecfidera?  I am about to run out and having a difficult time getting all of the pieces to cooperate (new insurance, new pharmacy, new authorization, etc.).  The pieces are moving, just not fast enough.  Biogen has been helpful with an emergency supply… Read More


Hi! My husband was given the infusions of Ocrevuz last month and I was wondering if anyone else has started them. I would love to hear others thoughts on the drug and keep in touch about any results. Read More


Hi everyone, I'm newly diagnosed with RRMS on 6/27, finished IV steriod treatments last tuesday.  Started copaxone on Monday.  Cognitively better however I can't get the numbness of extremities, the cramping and spasticity of legs feet to stop.  I am anxious and very frustrated.  I am a nurse and out of work… Read More

Rebif, newly diagnosed

I am currently on week 6 of Rebif therapy. I tolerated the titration pack ok, but since starting the 44mcg, I have experienced low grade fevers, body aches, chills, and worsening headaches. I have tried giving myself motrin before my doses, and taking my doses at bedtime, but it does not seem to help. I am… Read More

Betaseron to start*

I was diagnosed almost two years ago. Only recently am I doing anything about it I was in denial. So my Problems as I think they relate:       Nerve Pain, Neuropathy, Central neuropathic pain  Allodynia Migraines   Chronic Pain     Muscular Skelton Problems   Ataxia     Numbness, Loss of Sensation… Read More


Hey, is anyone else currently on Lemtrada? It's very frustrating as very few hospitals are REMS certified to be able to administer it. It's very dangerous also. Once I receive it the Dr says that I'll have zero resistance to anything as it will wipe out my immune system by killing all the "b" & "T" cells. It's… Read More


Hey all, I struggle with fatigue, like most of us do. What other medications are out there that you've used? Nuvigil is not my friend. Makes me feel sick. I'm planning on asking my doctor, but I'd like to get a better idea of what's out there first. Thanks, Jess Read More

New medication *

My mom was diagnosed with Progressive MS in the late 80's. I was there with her through all of the stages. She has been in a wheelchair and can't walk for the past 20 years! So I'm writing this post to get some advice from all of you out there..... She just got her first dose of the drug named there… Read More