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Treating MS

Copaxone - New Patient*

Hi all, Newly diagnosed with RRMS, and newly started on Copaxone. Each injection I’ve done lately leaves a “knot” whenever I inject. When I first started (about a month - month & a half ago), I wasn’t having this issue. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have some insight? All help is appreciated!… Read More


New symptoms have had my doctor recommend new treatment of aubagio Can anyone share their experiences with this MS med whether good or bad. The effects I read about this medicine are frightening to me Looking for personal experiences before starting this med Read More

Rebif, newly diagnosed

I am currently on week 6 of Rebif therapy. I tolerated the titration pack ok, but since starting the 44mcg, I have experienced low grade fevers, body aches, chills, and worsening headaches. I have tried giving myself motrin before my doses, and taking my doses at bedtime, but it does not seem to help. I am… Read More

Ocrevus and dandruff*

I just started Ocrevus and have been improving. The only odd thing I noticed is dandruff. Never had this before, at least not like this. Granted, I'll happily exchange my cane for dandruff. ☺ just curious if anyone else has this. Oh and my scalp does not itch. I just have a lot if dandruff. Read More

Copaxone transient chest pain*

hello, I recently stopped copaxone after a year.  I loved the shared solutions program and the drug itself was well tolerated without major side effects EXCEPT about six months after I started I had severe, crushing chest pain.  This happened about once a month and always at night time after lying down.  They… Read More

CBD and THC oil?*

Has anyone found the use of cannabis THC concentrate oil or CBD concentrate oil helpful for MS or spasticity? When I say oil I'm referring to the type made by Rick Simpson. This oil is 95% THC and is black and relatively like toothpaste. Also with the advent of CBD oils becoming legal in all 50 states, they… Read More

Glatopa, Extavia or Tecfidera*

I'm new to all this, have had one episode and an MRI and spinal tap with MS indications.  My neurologist offered Glatopa, Extavia or Tecfidera.  I'm more inclined to take an oral medication rather than an injectable, but was wondering if anyone had experience with these?  I've read the information here on the… Read More


My neurologist is trying to start a treatment plan that involves Lemtrada and then the years following infusion patients will use copaxone, in which has shown to cut disability and further progression substantially. I have already failed rebif, and another drug. I am just wondering if there are any of you guys… Read More


Wahls' Paleo Diet Terry Wahls emphasized eating lots of leafy greens and intaking certain supplements such as CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Fish Oils.  The Paleo Diet emphasizes minimizing processed food and eating what our DNA was made… Read More

JVC positive - which drug to take???*

Posting for my 24 year old son who was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago with MS.  He has been on Gylenya but on his visit to neuro this friday was told JVC positive.  Looking for an effective drug that doesn't cause a lot of side effects.  Neuro isn't really recommending any particular drug. Thought was to go to… Read More


It’s Ritilin.   This has been a wonder drug for me. It gets me off the couch, the 1000lb elephant off my back...I’m able to get stuff to read and remember what I even increased my libido big time.   I’m a fan of it.  I’m not sure why they put kids on it? But for us with hardcore MS… Read More


Hi everyone I was just diagnosed with MS the other day and now it's time to sit down with the doctor to discuss drug options and there Pros and Cons. What drug are you on and what have you experienced. I am a 35 year old female, have two small kids, and work full time. How will it effect my day to day life… Read More

RX for Ocrevus..excited for potential*

I have had MS for 21 years and have been going through the most significant relapse in my entire history... With many different symptoms including walking and vision issues, brain fog and severe fatigue. My neurologist recommended Ocrevus for me because of the length of time I've had MS and the fact that other… Read More

So confused about Fish Oil/ Omega-3 *

Those of you who have researched Fish Oil/Omega-3 intake, I really appreciate your response: I hae been trying to investigate good fish oil/omega 3 to take, and quantity but an finding it really overwhelming.This is what I understand: 1. Omega 3 is really what we want to be taking for MS. (The other… Read More

Ocrevus and/or Marijuana*

I have Primary Progressive MS and am struggling with the decision to begin taking the new drug Ocrevus. Has anyone taken it and what were your results/feelings/reactions to it? I am 64. Please tell me your age as I hear that may make a difference in side effects. Also, if anyone has input on the use of Medical… Read More

Hair Loss and Techfidera *

Been on Techfidera for 4 years now. The hair loss is almost intolerable. I don't need haircuts anymore since my hair doesn't grow. It's so frizzy and weak, I look like I put my finger in a light socket.  Wanted to share this in case anyone else has experienced this. I also still experience flushing every so… Read More

Anyone else taking Tecfidera?

I began taking Tecfidera about 3 weeks ago after having taken Avonex for over 13 years! I am aware of possible side-effects but would love to hear from others taking.  I have begun experiencing severe indigestion.  Anyone dealing/dealt with this - I am wondering if it goes away over a period of time? Read More