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Treating MS


Hi all!  I was diagnosed with RRMS about 5 years ago.  I've been on Avonex since my initial diagnosis.  I am actually switching over to Plegridy and my first injection is today.  I was just wondering if anybody has started this medication yet and if so what are the side effects that I should be aware of if… Read More

Hair loss and copaxone*

Hi everyone, i have been been taking Copaxone for two months now (diagnosed about 4 months ago) and for the last three weeks have been experiencing way more than usual hair loss and hair thinning. I heard this is a rare but possible side effect of Copaxone. Some people say it could be shock of the diagnosis… Read More

Aubagio or Gilenya *

I recently had an MRI that showed new lesions and active ones. I am currently on Copaxone and the Doctor said it is not working. I have been taking it for almost a year and a half. I've had relapses and now the last few weeks had burning in my legs and pins and needles when something cold touched my body. I… Read More


Hello everyone! I've just recently started taking Plegridy. Has anyone experienced tender, swollen lymph nodes while taking this medication? I have one that has been tender and swollen for about a week near where I did my last injection. I have spoken to my Dr. about it and he doesn't seem overly concerned and… Read More

Plegridy side effects*

i had my 8th injection last Sunday and feel like death right now.  I have scratched certain parts of my body to the point of leaving sores, I am beyond tired, dazed, and confused.  I am on medical leave and currently receiving benefits from my private disability plan.  I do not want to do another injection, but… Read More

Can anyone comment on Tysabri? *

Hello to all! I was diagnosed in Dec  2016 with RRMS. Awaiting to start monthly infusions of Tysabri. Anxious to start, hoping my symptoms will ease up 4-5 months from after starting, as I am told. I was also told it would take 3 weeks to get approved. No monetary number has been given to me other than it can… Read More


My dad,s physical therapist said it's really good and showed videos of his dog before and after and it's an amazing difference for the better. I have looked through the research and even watched the abc special on it but was wondering if anyone has tried it.i want to do cannibus oil and edibles but trying to… Read More

In denial? *

I was diagnosed in 2005, it was all a blur. I had 21 lesions, My vision from right aye was almost gone, got on steroids and got better.  I got on medication right away , but it only lasted 6 months, that shot was doing more harm than good , i hate needles. And that one going into the muscle was worse!   Also… Read More


Hi, i was diagnosed 4 months ago with rrms. Just started Vyvanse 6 weeks ago, started at 10, then 20 and doc said 30mg would help. Seems like it was helping me with fatigue and the fuzzy brain at first and now not so much. I was wondering what dose anyone else is taking? Thanks!! Read More

Lisinopril to treat MS???*

Anyone hear of the common blood pressure medicine lisinopril  in treating MS? They have done clinical trials which show some promise in reducing symptoms and even stopping progression and reversing disability! Anyone hear of this?  I googled it and it's all over the web about clinical trials that started a few… Read More


I've been taking Tecfidera now for close to 6 months, I think. I haven't had very many issues with it overall, which I feel was and is a great blessing. But now that it's getting quite a bit warmer (I feel like I'm being baked to death)...I've noticed some patches of skin around my chest, stomach, one on my… Read More

Injection anxiety:*

I've been taking copaxone for the last two weeks and while i feel better, I have major injection anxiety.  My second injection I slipped because I freaked myself out so I lost half a dose. 😒 Ive been having my husband do it to avoid any mishaps. But still.  It took me an hour to be able to say yes to the… Read More

Hair loss*

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with RRMS in march of 2017. After starting Tecfidra I started to have excessive hair loss once starting the 240mg dose. I have tried taking biotin and zinc but it has not helped. I see hair loss as a side effect in forums but no real answers. Has anyone found an answer to this… Read More

No injections possible? *

Hi, my name is Yury, my wife had been diagnosed a year ago. She's really afraid of living on injections daily for the rest of her life! Does anyone know whether there are pills, tablets to take instead of injections? I heard about aubagio, tecfidera and gilenia but do they replace the rest treatment being the… Read More

Provigil..... How is it for you?*

I have recently been prescribed Provigil and after reading the potential side effects am apprehensive about taking it. To me it seems that all of the same effects of caffeine are there and then some and many are potentially deadly. I guess my concern is I know caffeine and how well it works for me. I don't know… Read More