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Treating MS


I was being treated for a year with the copaxone 1 ml and, during the last MRI were detected new lesions of the cervical and spinal cord. As a result, it has been discontinued treatment with copaxone and established a new treatment plan with medication AUBAGIO. I read some review on your medication and, since I… Read More

Switching from Rebif to Copaxone*

Is there anyone here that has switched from Rebif after being on it for a long time, going to Copaxone?  I go back and forth on this thought process.  I want to not feel the depression from Rebif anymore.  I have been on it for 14 years.  My MS specialist will probably do whatever I want.  Just wondering if the… Read More

Is Plasmapheresis the solution? *

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed two months ago following an ocular neuritis of the right eye. I received 8 days at 1000mg of cortisone, followed by 5 days at 2000mg.  My eye is definitely improving but it has been 2 months and I would say its most of the time at 90% with the main issues being weaker sharpness… Read More

Tysabri or Rituxan? *

Hello everyone, im 21 and just became diagnosed in Oct. 2016. I have RRMS. My doctor said it's pretty severe but I feel almost perfectly fine. I had only one attack since having MS and im walking fine. My doctor wants to put me on some of the most powerful drugs for MS, Tysabri or Ritixan, but after doing my… Read More

Finding a new MS doctor *

i live in Suffolk County NY and am currently being treated at South Shore Neurologic by Dr. Guttesblatt and PA Barbara Bumstead. They are great people and I think talented caregivers. The problem is their group. It is a giant practice, always crowded with ridiculous waiting times and......they often DO NOT… Read More

PPMS and alternative treatments*

I am curious to know if anyone with PPMS has used the drug Ibudilast (Ibudilast, AV-411, MN-166, Ketas, Pinatos, Eyevinal)    off label as a treatment for PPMS.  I thought surely in one of these groups a simple search would turn up at least a few people mentioning this drug, as trials and studies seem to be… Read More

How I find the light within*

Where do I look for the light? Well so many of us look outward to others or outward toward religion. But I look for light within myself. That although times can be dark, I can always look inside myself for a part of me that is light, that is hope, that will help me reframe the darkness, so that I can feel whole… Read More

Tecifidera!!!! Please read!!!!!*

Hello all! I am just reaching out for some help. I have had Tecifiera for around 2 years maybe less. Anyway as soon as I got diagnosed I started Tecifidea for MS. As long as I have been on the medicine I have had no new lesions. Great for my MS. A short while after starting the medication I developed a skin… Read More

On Aubagio side effects *

I have been on Aubagio for over a year now and the only side effect I have an issue with is the increase in diarrhea. Does anyone deal with this side effect successfully?  I am starting back up my juicing and am hoping there will be a magic combination of fruits and vegetables out there and I just haven't found… Read More

gilenya - low lymphocytes *

I started gilenya in November 2014. My lab work earlier that year showed my lymphocyte count at 39.2. My recent follow up lab work shows my lymphocyte count at 11! I know a drop is 'normal'. However, this seems significant! I spoke with the pharmacy, the gilenya go team and the nurse at the neurologist… Read More


Hi everyone I was just diagnosed with MS the other day and now it's time to sit down with the doctor to discuss drug options and there Pros and Cons. What drug are you on and what have you experienced. I am a 35 year old female, have two small kids, and work full time. How will it effect my day to day life… Read More

Extavia *

I was diagnosed in January and the doctor started me on Extavia, in some of the injection spots my skin is still red around the area. I was wondering if anyone else in on the same med and if they're had a similar experience? I did always have a tendency to bruise easily so I'm wondering if that also plays a… Read More


Greetings I have symptoms that my (former) doctor said were likely MS or transverse myelitis.  I have had numerous blood tests, x-rays, lumbar puncture, and several MRIs. Everything comes back normal except swelling of the upper spinal cord shown on the MRI, but no change in the last 6 months.  A nerve… Read More

Newly Diagnosed Questions *

Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to come in and read this. So I was diagnosed in September after optic neuritis, I have 2 inactive lesions and I am soon having a spinal MRI done. Anyhoo my neurologist said that we need to monitor my symptoms and do a MRI every 6 months. As of now my symptoms are… Read More


So I have been on Rebif for about 1 and a half years now. I hate it with a passion. Infact, my fear for needles has greatly increased with it. I havent been able to give myself the shots (I did them before and it took me over an hour to give myself a 10 second shot). Recently, every shot ive been given has… Read More

my 1st ohio stem cell therapy my story*

Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable and often disabling neurological disease affecting more than 2 million people worldwide. There is no cure, but there is hope. And it may lie in stem cell research, which is both experimental and controversial. One Strongsville man is willing to take a chance, in the hopes… Read More

Gilenya? How to choose medication?*

I was recently diagnosed in January and next week I have a follow-up appt with my neurologist in which we'll be going over the results of all the labs/tests I have had and deciding on medication.  We briefly discussed med options at my first appt and my doctor gave me her recommendations but overall said I can… Read More

Salonpas Lidocaine patch*

I should listen to my own advice, and never take anything without knowing the side effects. Because I was feeling okay, I didnt put on the patch after wearing it for three or four days. Then I woke in the middle of the night because I was not getting enough oxygen in my lungs and brain. It took two hours of… Read More

Tysabri *

When I was diagnosed I had my first flare up to the best of my knowledge. I had numbness on the left side of my body with my left hand losing motor functions, being the major indication that something wasn't right. After recovering from the flare up, I finally saw an MS Specialist and she instantly told me this… Read More