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  • sdoerffler
    Been on Techfidera for 4 years now. The hair loss is almost intolerable. I don't need haircuts anymore since my hair doesn't grow. It's so frizzy and weak, I look like I put my finger in a light socket.  Wanted to share this in case anyone else has experienced this. I also still experience flushing every so often, 2x/week. Chin up!
  • lveglatte
    Hi, I have been taking Tecfidera for 3 years, and have not experienced that. In fact, it is the opposite for me. My normally thick hair is even thicker. I need a haircut every few weeks (although I don't get one that often). Have you tried taking biotin? That is a supplement recommended for stronger hair. There are a lot of products out there that may help the frizzies...leave-in conditioners, Moroccan argan oil, etc. If the Tecidera is effective for you otherwise,  I hope you find something to help with your hair symptons. I sympathize. We all want to feel good and look good too!  Best of luck, Linda
  • klg-123
    I have been on Tecfidera for 2 years now and my hair is definitely thinner. To me it is very noticable, more so when I pull my hair back. I am using a shampoo and conditioner system for thinning hair, but I don't see a lot of difference. I mentioned it to my specialist last week and they said although there is nothing in the literature or listed side effects, many of their patients have mentioned this for all MS drugs, not just Tecfidera. I am concerned, but the fact that I haven't had a relapse since being on it makes me not want to come off of it. I like the ease of taking a pill and I don't want to readjust to another medication - it was bad enough the first time. As for the flushing, if I don't eat enough with it, I do flush about 2 hours later, but I can live with the occasional flushing. I may try biotin to see if that helps.
  • fivepetes1
    I was on Tecfidera for a year and I am no longer on it.  My hair was falling out, not in clumps, but just a ton every time I brushed my hair and every time I showered.  I was also experiencing flushing at least once a day.  My MRIs showed no improvemet while on Tecfidera, either.  I switched to Tysabri and I feel like a new person.  My hair is great, no flushing, no side effects at all.  I've been on it a year and it has made a huge difference.  I have days, or at least huge parts of days, when I don't think about having MS...such an awesome feeling!
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