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Symptoms of MS


Has anyone ever experienced this and how you deal with it? I recently had 3 steroid infusions about 3 1/2 weeks ago b/c I was having other MS issues (the beginnings of an exacerbation) and it halted this annoying symptom in it's tracks, but it seems to be slowly coming back. Also, this is definitely an MS issue… Read More


I had a new thing last night, and it FREAKED me out. Background: I started Copaxone last week, first medication I have been on. I generally am cold most of the time any way when in A/C, but dying if in too hot of an environment. Plus, my DH likes to keep it 69-70 degrees in the house, as he sweats profusely!… Read More


I have very itchy skin all over my body. My skin is not dry it just itches and tingles constantly from my head to my toes. My skin feels hot and I sometimes want to peel it off, sometimes my cloths hurt.  Read More

Trigger finger *

Hello guys, For the last two weeks my thumb has been locking and painful. In the last couple days it has completly locked into place so i cant bend it without it hurting. I googled it and it appears to be trigger finger and can be linked to MS. Have any of you had this experience, and do you know what they do… Read More


 I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and have since then been on and off a few different medications, with several unintentional periods of being on nothing at all. Right now I have been on Tecfidera, its been a little over a month. The medicine I used before this was copaxone for around two years. I liked it… Read More

New Beginnings but still unhappy*

Its been awhile guys. Hope everything is doing well. I wanted to ask if any of you are dealing with what they think may be depression. I feel 0 motivation 0 confidence 0 drive. I feel stuck and just sad alot! I started a new job this past fall. My boy friend is still the most supportive and amazing person on… Read More

White blood cell count*

Hi all. I am not diagnosed, but my Drs. Have mentioned MS as a possibility. I just had more blood work done for my rheumatologist and the results came back showing a high white blood cell count. This is the first time in 2 years that any of my blood tests have shown anything. I had a spinal tap 2 years ago… Read More

long term valium for spasticity*

About 5 or 6 years ago I started taking valium because my hands were affected by spasticity. I play guitar, piano and flute and sing as well. I also do some recording and some music ministry in my church. Losing my ability to do these things was scarey. Tried other meds like baclofen etc... but side affects out… Read More

The "hug" and rocking boat sensation*

Hug my a**. I call it the "crush". Does anyone notice that while it can come any time in any position, it's worse sitting up or standing? I have not been able to do either without intense pain for 5 weeks. During this flare up I'm also feeling like I'm on a boat ALL the time. It's not technically dizzy, it's a… Read More


I have this burning sensation just below my bra bohers me so bad. has any else had any burning, painful sensations? if so what did you do to help ease it?? I just recently was diganosed in July I havnt even started the interferon yet...and it is driving me crazy. Read More


Hi There,                     Just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with RRMS but it feels like you never quite get get out of a relapse so you never really know when you are in remission? For me ever since my trip to the ER that lead to my diagnosis 11 months ago I have stayed fatiqued, shaky… Read More

Seizures with MS?*

Hi everyone. Has anybody had seizures with their MS? I went through a short period of time when I would get I could imagine sparks coming off of my back, and I could watch my whole leg (Just 1 leg) twitch badly. I never zoned out, I was always aware of what was going on. And it was always after I… Read More

MS is being a real pain in the legs!

MS has become more of a daily worry for me and, after 20 quite symptom free years, I feel like i'm being dragged down by the nasty beast. I've been feeling a lot of leg pain the past couple days, making my walking gait very tentative and off kilter. The pain is there whether I am moving about or lying still… Read More

MS/Slow Colonic Transit and Ileostomy

For 7 months now, I've been suffering from severe constipation as a result of slow colonic transit and some pelvic floor disfunction.  I was diagnosed with RRMS in October 2008. I have been hospitalized 3 times with blockage that resulted in a severely dialated colon. Since my last hospitalization, I've been… Read More


Has anyone here gotten Strabismus as a result of an MS attack? I used ot have strabismus or "lazy eye" when I was a child, and after a year of wearing a patch, it went away. Then 25 years later, after my first MS attack, it came back! It interferes with my ability to read and see straight so bad that Im getting… Read More

New symptom *

hi everyone, Ive had ms for a few years now, but I’m experiencing pain and numbness in my wrist for the first time. Is this normal or do I need to tell my doctor?  Also any suggestions that might help with the pain would be helpful.  Thank you(:  Read More

Losing the use of my hands and arms. *

Well, so far, I have had an mri of my neck - no signs of ms, just herniated discs. The doc has me scheduled for another mri of my back and a nerve conductivity test. I asked if the herniated discs might be causing the problems, he answered yes, and said he would refer me to a surgeon for possible surgery on my… Read More


I am a 42 year old male diagnosed with RRMS 9 years ago , i work full time and do emergency out of hours calls too , my average day is 10 hours long and is a mix of driving and service calls . Work has become harder and despite one bad relapse a year ago ive been very lucky "thank god" . I have multiple… Read More

Summer is coming.*

I'm partially concerned about the heat issue arriving soon. Because I'm pretty new to this, I was wondering what kinds of things others have done to stay cool or at least to help reduce relapses. Read More