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Symptoms of MS


I am new here, i would like to hear anyone who had the same symptoms. I had this for like 3years but at first i only felt little like electric shocked running from my left foot up to my hip then it lock and release for like few seconds so i think 1 minute overall attack then it gets more and worst months and… Read More

Weakness and spasisty*

Ok so yesterday afternoon and evening my spasms came back per the usual. Just like the day before it got to the point were my left leg would shot straight up in thr air and then my back would make me ***** up straight from laying down and now today I can't hardly move. I just tried leg lifts but can't seem to… Read More

Vocal cord dysfunction*

i have been out of breath for at least 2 or 3 months and about 7 weeks ago, my voice started doing ‘weird’ things. It kind of sounded like a preteen boy whose voice cracked and changed a lot. Eventually it got worse and became a whisper. I went to ENT and they diagnosed vocal cord dysfunction and partial vocal… Read More

MS Hug is the worst*

As I am becomming a newcommer dealing with MS, I use to think fatigue was the worst problem associated with MS. To be fair I am sure it can be argued as the worst, but I have come to the conclusion that the hug is worse for me. For me it started out as discomfort, to other times to feeling like I can not… Read More

Symptom questions *

I had an interesting interaction with my neuro the other day, which has led to other questions.  I will ask him when I go back in a week.  I wanted to pass it by you smart people to see if I can glean any insight before asking the doc.  I have numbness in my face, hands and from about mid torso down to my feet.… Read More


Diagnosed RRMS around 6yrs ago. Presented with Lhermitte's sign (I get an electric shock when I put my head down), and pain in my leg which lead to drop foot (which I received steroids for and that leg has been fine since). Nothing obvious since then, and was even starting to 2nd guess my diagnosis... until… Read More

Newly Diagnosed *

I need some help explaining my symptoms to my doctors correctly , my left arm lost sense of awareness if that makes since ? Like when i'm laying down i can't tell where my arm is placed. or if i close my eyes and have someone set my hand up in a certain way i wouldn't be able to tell how it's set up.  I don't… Read More

Lhermitte’s sign *

Lhermitte’s sign and also constant pin and needles but it’s not as intense as pins and needles . thought I had a UTI because I could go to the toilet and was getting zapped down low not a UTI but wasn’t going toilet properlly. Then i figured it was every time I put my head down I was zapping. Zapping getting… Read More


Is there any connection between MS and OCD and other impulse-control disorders?  I know that depression has been linked with MS, but I am wondering if any other mental health issues are as well.   For the past 3 1/2 years, I have been followed by a neurologist for possible MS.  I have 2, possibly 3, lesions… Read More


hi I have been with my partner for 11 years. He was diagnosed with MS before we met. He has always been highly functional, with walking distance being his main problem. However, he’s also very good at covering things up. People know he has MS but he doesn’t want to look disabled.  In the past few years… Read More

Loss of memory....****please help ******

Hi, diagnosed with MS in 5/12, had so so many ups and downs, have had just about every symptom out there, however this week I am experiencing a new one.  Today is Thursday, but I have no memory between Tuesday afternoon and today. My husband has been asking and answering questions all day long, also yesterday… Read More

difficulty writing*

I can type fine but I have a hard time writing penmanship.  It's like my hands won't move to make the letters in cursive.  Print is not great either but is better than my cursive.  Does anyone have this problem? Read More

Eye Floaters*

Hi All, Anyone have floaters in one eye related to MS?  Black spots and weblike particles that move when I try to focus on them.  Maybe from Rituxan infusions or Zoloft for anxiety? Thank you, Paul Read More

Cfs/me that later proves to be ms*

hi , I’m in the position of being diagnosed with cfs/ME 2 years ago , unable to work . I had an episode which I started with pins and needles in hands face and tongue with some numbness. I had trouble walking due to the fatigue more than a functional problem. I had mri of head and spine and full range of blood… Read More

Eye Specialists

Would the MS Chapter in my city have information on a very cheap but reliable eye specialist? I do not have insurance and in about two weeks no unemployment benefits and still waiting for an answer on my appeal for SSI/SSDI?  I haven't had my eyes checked in over two years and according to the neurologist one… Read More

Nerve pain in chest*

Wow so yesterday I had a really bad attack.  Sharp stabbing pain in my left chest that felt like I was being stabbed with a electric knife.  Thought it was a heart attack and went to hospital.  They did every test and concluded it was more likely neuropathic.  Today that same spot feels like I was kicked by a… Read More

Pain, pain, go away.....*

What is the REAL DEAL with MS and pain? Everything I read talks about tons of symptoms and mentions pain as an after thought. Which makes me think I might be misdiagnosed?!?  Im literally in some kind of pain all day. I still work, commute, take care of my home/kids and I just do it through the pain. But the… Read More

Signs of MS *

hi, about 3 years ago my partner had optic neuritis and was treated for it at the time they queried ms but he had no other symptoms so it wasn’t taken any further. Since then he got very mild nerve like pain in the same spot over and over. It has come back now but quite severe nerve pain, he is seeing a dr… Read More

High dose steroids*

My MS story has been random.  My symptoms and opportunities were many but mostly put off because I thought they were in my head.  I was diagnosed after a car wreck because I had trigeminal neuralgia I thought was from the wreck. Fast forward 6 months I'm seeing an MS specialist who is pushing me to change DM… Read More