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Symptoms of MS

Vivid dreams*

Does anyone else have vivid dreams? I am currently taking copaxone and everything is going well except I have noticed my dreams have become a lot more vivid and it's hard for me to distinguish between the two. I was like this before when I was on rebif. But lately it is a lot worse. Anyone else experience this? Read More

Sleep pain*

hello, has anyone had sharp throbbing pain in the neck, shoulder, or back of head only at night? I have zero pain during the day but as soon as I lay down I have really really bad pain. Any suggestions like acupuncture, yoga, or any treatments like that which helped your pain? Read More


Hi, I have recently been back from my latest MRI and sadly it would seem I have some pretty severe lesions popping up. My neurologist has recommended I switch drugs from Copaxel to gilenya.. . However there are some pretty serious side effects! I have been silently stressing over this as my husband is of no… Read More

Symptom tracker apps? *

Does anyone use apps to track symptoms? I'm familiar with MyFitness Pal for food & exercise tracking, but I'm looking for input on favored apps that can help me track my CIS in conjunction with my meds, moods, pain, other life events, etc. I'm just starting out on the road to trying to find a dx, but I already… Read More

Weird new symptom? Is this the MS hug? *

I have read on this forum and elsewhere on the internet about the "MS Hug."  This past weekend I experienced something that I have only experienced once before, and, based on what I read, I'm not sure if this is that "hug" or not.  So I figured I'd post it and get some feedback. From what I understand, the… Read More

Might have MS, does run in my family....

Hello, MS does run in my family however I am only 24yrs old. I haven't really ever spent time thinking I may actually have MS systems until this past week when I finally got fed up with the blanking out and balance issues. Anything that may have been signs I would always tell myself it's just my sever… Read More

Paresthesias and Pregnancy *

Hi! Currently I have paresthesias on the right side of my abdomen that are managed (most of the time pretty well) with gabapentin. I am concerned with becoming pregnant that my paresthesias will get worse due to stretching skin (whenever I am hot or gain a little stomach weight it is more intense due to my… Read More


These symptoms have been going on for about 4 months now. My left eye started to feel irritated, or dry feeling. Then one day i got this electrical shock like jolt straight down my back into both my legs. My left arm was numb and weak feeling, and both my legs felt dead! I went home try to rest, trying every… Read More

Dental Health *

I am a Dental Hygienist pursuing my Masters degree and am interested in providing oral care related information to people with MS and also people that give care to others with MS! Looking to get in touch with the moderator of this site, if anyone has any information on that, it would be greatly appreciated… Read More

Do I have MS?*

I'm not sure how this all works, but I've been experiencing symptoms that I think is MS, it all started with knee pain and a warm tingling sensation in my knees. This gradually went further up my leg and into my lower back. I also get really angry really quickly, I am always tired no matter how much I sleep. I… Read More


PROPRIOCEPTION AND MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Many patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis have difficulty maintaining balance and walking and many suffer falls. These falls and other motor skill impairments result not only from the deterioration of motor neurons, but also from consequent decline in proprioceptive… Read More

Is this what an Ms hug feels like?*

Hi.  The sensations I get I get quite often. It'll last anywhere from a few minuets to a hour. I am having chest tightness. It seems like it taking more effort to expand my lungs. It feels like my rib cage is pushing on my lungs, and there's more pressure on my right side. ( sometimes it's more pressure on my… Read More

Weak legs*

Has anyone felt like they were going to fall before getting up. When I get up off the couch I try to schedule how I'm going to fall to where I won't hurt myself. It sounds weird but after hitting the ground a few times it's something I've gotten trained in my mind. Any thoughts on this. Read More


After a bunch of reading, I've concluded that I'm having a bout of spasticity. My left arm mostly, but into my chest has been spamsming for 5 weeks now. Overall my body has been much more sore, my balance has been off, concentration has been lacking at best, things I can say are related and have happened… Read More