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Symptoms of MS

severe headaches and burning pain*

Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with RRMS.  I got the official diagnosis just last week.  I'm currently in my first, big relapse, recognized medically (althought I likely had one a year and a half ago).  It's been going on 9 weeks and seems to be lasting forever.  I'm suposed to start on Tecfidera today.   … Read More

? *

Hey.... i woke up this morning with my legs acting weird. I get up to walk and within a minute or so they just tighten  up. I end up walikf with short steps and the HUG... should i call dr? i think he is out of town. at work and dont know what to do. i left early yesterday for extreme fatigue. Read More

The "hug" and rocking boat sensation*

Hug my a**. I call it the "crush". Does anyone notice that while it can come any time in any position, it's worse sitting up or standing? I have not been able to do either without intense pain for 5 weeks. During this flare up I'm also feeling like I'm on a boat ALL the time. It's not technically dizzy, it's a… Read More


I am currently scheduled for an MRI for MS testing. I have a lot of intermittent symptoms that include muscle pain/weakness, fatigue (some days are a lot better than others), and the weirdest is numbness and pain in my left arm if I put on a watch or tight sleeve and the same in my left leg if I wear a sock. I… Read More

muscle spasticity*

Hi everyone.  I'm not diagnosed yet, but it's possible I have MS.  Can you explain what muscle spasticity feels like to you?  I get a sensation or feeling like my calves are being squeezed, usually when I walk up stairs, but sometimes when I am walking on a flat surface too.  Today I feel it just sitting at my… Read More

remembering an exacerbation*

I had a heathcare nprovider tell me that when MS patients experience a relapse they don't usually remember details of it. Is that most people's experience? I remember everything during and after it. For 35 years the symptoms of the relapse have remained mostly the same and clear up within 24 hours or if… Read More

Trigeminal Neuralgia*

Hello all,   After 2 years of symptoms, lesions on MRI's, meds for TN, etc, I finally switched neurologists.  He reviewed my records and said "you know you have MS, right?"  This was in October 2016.Thank goodness, I trusted my gut and changed doctors.   I started Copaxone 40mg 3x week.  I had no new lesions… Read More

MS Symptoms *

Can I please get some input? My first obvious symptoms started in May or June of 2013 as tingling and numbness all over my body, including my face and abdomen. This lasted for a few weeks.My primary care dr said he did not think it was MSbut referred me to a neurologist who only did the neuro physical exam and… Read More


I know most patients with MS have some sort of Fatigue.  But gosh.... what do do?  I am at my desk at work falling asleep while on the phone with patients. so exhausted i almost feel intoxicated. I get up a walk around when i can. It helps for a few minutes, then i am back to nodding off again. How does… Read More


I feel I have all the symptoms of MS and am in the process of getting an evaluation at this time (MRI of brain showed white spots, MRI of my c-spine was fine as far as spots go but my neck is a mess disc wise so I am gonna see a neurosurgeon soon for that) and I am now awaiting Spinal Tap results. UPDATE - I… Read More


Hi, my name is Catherine, I was diagnosed with tumerafractive relapsing remitting ms a couple of months ago. I don't know which new symptoms are worth telling the ms clinic... I have been steadily getting more and more issues. A month ago i made an appoitment and had my brain MRI done early because I lost a lot… Read More

Legs Trashed After Vacation*

I'm 37, was diagnosed in 2000 and have been maintaining with little symptoms sans interferons.  I started doing CrossFit in 2015 to train my body for endurance and heat and it has worked a great deal (even though I'm the slowest one at the gym).  I just got back from Israel and was able to trek all over the… Read More


yesterday I was at the store and all of a sudden both my ears feel like i have sea shells up to them and i am very sensitive to noise. i do not have a cold, they dont feel clogged. anyone ever experience this? is this a new symptom? Read More

Nerves in eyes*

Hi everyone. I am not diagnosed yet, but have had a growing list of symptoms which started with swollen optic nerve 2 years ago. Today I had a check up with my eye Dr. He said there is no swelling and the pressure looks good but that I have possible thinning of the optic nerve in my right eye and also possible… Read More

Vacation at the lake*

Hi all! Growing up, my family had a cottage, that my great grandfather built himself, on a small lake in northeast Indiana. I have so many great memories from that place. Unfortunately my family ended up selling it and I miss it so much! Every summer I get lake fever, I remember being there as a kid and wish so… Read More

Difference between fatigue & lazy?*

Hi! So when I got diagnosed, the word fatigue came into one of the many symptoms of MS. I was brought up with the known rule that if you don't want to get up and do things then your just lazy and should feel bad for not doing anything. Soo, flash forward to now; I come home from work and most days I just can't… Read More


I had noticed minor loss of hearing in my right ear and then over the last 2 weeks it seemed to be one severe in both ears example: t.v. Volume usually 10 now at 35.....waiting for MRI on the 23rd. My question is has any one ever experienced this? And did it go away(return to Normal) Read More

Possible drop foot?*

i just want opinions on the matter since no doctor can tell me what it is without knowing the source of the weakness. But back in march I lost the use of my toes on my left foot about a week after a steroid injection in my back. The rest of my foot and ankle became weak and I have been limping around ever since… Read More