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Symptoms of MS

Possible drop foot?*

i just want opinions on the matter since no doctor can tell me what it is without knowing the source of the weakness. But back in march I lost the use of my toes on my left foot about a week after a steroid injection in my back. The rest of my foot and ankle became weak and I have been limping around ever since… Read More

Chronic Leg Pain *

I am starting to think I am crazy. That this pain is all in my head. Lol well okay maybe but I have had stabbing leg pain for about 5 months now. This is the longest I have ever had without a break. I have talked to my doctor and he said that the pain clinic that I was going to see might be able to help me. I… Read More

Red, white and blue*

Hi everyone. I am not diagnosed yet, but it's possible I have MS. A few things I have going on are Raynauds syndrome, bad circulation, low blood pressure when I stand and afib. My cardiologist is positive that this is all due to a neurological cause. But my Neuro just keeps sending me elsewhere instead of… Read More

Swallowing issues*

Hi all. Newly diagnosed with RRMS and been having swallowing issues. Feels like food gets hung up in my throat which is freaking me out. I have an appointment for a swallow test next week but curious for any feedback. Thx and stay strong my fellow MS group members! Read More

Trigger finger *

Hello guys, For the last two weeks my thumb has been locking and painful. In the last couple days it has completly locked into place so i cant bend it without it hurting. I googled it and it appears to be trigger finger and can be linked to MS. Have any of you had this experience, and do you know what they do… Read More

Clinically isolated Syndrome*

Hi! I was diagnosed with CIS about 4yrs ago. That was a crazy year of dealing wth Drs. Once i got that diagnosis I stopped going to the Dr because it was just too much. I had abnormal MRIs with no lesions at the time. Horrible symptoms. I have had a few relapses lasting anywhere from a few days to about 10-12… Read More

Back to the Mountain I go!*

Instead of screaming to the top of my lungs from the top of a mountain I feel like someone push me off and then ran me over with a bus or truck or some vehicle. My body aches so bad. I haven't had this feeling in awhile where the pain is all over and I feel like I can't move but it's a constant pain. I think… Read More

Symptoms coming and going *

Hi all, I'm wondering if other people have symptoms that come and go over long periods of time. I had sensory issues that disappeared for about two months, then came back recently. Not obviously worse than before but perhaps a bit more consistent. Have other people had a similar experience? Or could this be a… Read More

Restless "body" ?? Is it possible?

Hello.  I'm not sure where to start, so I guessed I should maybe try here.  I'm having an issue that I'm not sure if it's something related or not..... Everyone knows the term "restless leg syndrome".....but is it possible to get "restless BODY" syndrome?  For the past few nights, I have been plagued by this. … Read More

Numb tongue*

For a couple weeks now I have had tingling on my tongue. It's not completely numb but feels like it was burned. My teeth also feel alittle numb. Has anyone else experienced this and is there anything to help it? It's extremely annoying! Read More

Seizures with MS?*

Hi everyone. Has anybody had seizures with their MS? I went through a short period of time when I would get I could imagine sparks coming off of my back, and I could watch my whole leg (Just 1 leg) twitch badly. I never zoned out, I was always aware of what was going on. And it was always after I… Read More

Pain & Exercise*

Hi Team! I was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced widespread muscular pain after exercise. I exercised quite a bit before my diagnosis (was diagnosed at 24, I'm now 26), and in my recovery from my first (and very severe) episode, I've slowly tried to incorporate yoga and light cardio. To be… Read More


This is my first post here. I was diagnosed with MS almost a year ago now. I have noticed I get extremly lighheaded coming up from bending down in the past few months. I was pulling weeds today and had to stop and come in due to it getting worse and worse the more I kept getting up.  Is this a common… Read More

Could it be MS *

i have symptoms which make me sound like a mad woman!  Every blood test is fine.  My lumbar puncture was fine.  These are my symptoms: cramp in odd places like wall of abdomen, neck, chest tingling face, mouth and tongue! pins and needles in hands hot palms of hands feet that sometimes feel as though they… Read More

Warning signs of oncoming relapse *

I'm pretty sure I've having a relapse after several years symptoms free (sadle area and left side went numb today).  I noticed that I had several days last week where I was extremely depressed without any precipitating reason and before any of my symptoms had started.  Has anyone else noticed this? Read More

For the Mind

Free yourself from suffering. Just because you have ms does not mean you must suffer. Some of the pain you can relieve, allow yourself to be free of suffering. It will help make things easier. Try it you may like it. Remember the Kiss rule, keep it simple stupid. I am very lazy, I find the fastest easiest way… Read More

Headache question*

Over the past couple of weeks, I have experienced a stabbing, splitting headache that lasts only a few minutes and then resolves.  I am wondering if anyone has experienced this as well.  It is so strange - it hits out of the blue and then goes away fairly quickly without medication, for which I am very grateful… Read More


Hi all,  I have posted on here before after my diagnosis a year ago. Some things have been running through my mind that I wanted to ask anyone that also has MS. Since september I have been dealing with tingling and weird internal numbness in my right foot and has never seem to completely go away. I feel like… Read More

Long Haul Flights*

This was a big worry for me and wondered if I would be stuck with short plane trips only. Well, I just completed one of the longest plane flights  you can do.  Los Angeles to Cape Town, South Africa.  10 1/2 hour flight from Los Angeles to Amsterdam.  2 1/2 hour layover in Amsterdam.  12 hour flight from… Read More

Getting a good nights sleep!*

Hi!  I am new to the site and new to MS.  I was diagnosed less than a year ago.  I don't remember a time in the past few years where I have gotten a good nights sleep.  I have restless legs.  After a sleep study I found out my legs move 82 times an hour.  I am on meds for this and it is helping.  I also have… Read More