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Symptoms of MS


I'm in a really hard situation right now and I'm having a lot of trouble coping. Maybe this story can help someone else. 4 months ago I got THE perfect job for me. It's a sales job with no hope of commission for months, and no benefits. But it was the answer to a lot of prayers from a lot of people. You'd hate… Read More

Muscle spasms... What works???*

I am new to the group, fresh possible diagnosis awaiting neurologist appointment to confirm. I'm in excruciating pain from muscle spasms and I'm hoping someone can help me out with some ideas for symptom management until I can get some help. Read More

Not sure*

Hello All, I'm honestly not sure what I am experiencing here. I'll start at the beginning. Years ago, let's say 5 because I don't remember, my hands started to go numb. Not my whole hands but the outer edges. Went to dr. And was sent to the neurologist. He basically told me I was hyperventilating and that's… Read More


Sometimes I just have to cry. I don't know if it shows weakness or strength. Frankly, I don't give a crap. It makes me feel better. I rarely use the word hate, but I hate that this chronic fatigue comes with a diagnosis. Before I knew what this was, I could use it to motivate myself. I'd get angry and that… Read More

Leg and back pain*

I had went to the doctor for leg and back pain. They did a MRI of my back and it came back that I have several bulging disk and torn disk and as I was leaving I had tremors my Dr had ordered me to get a MRI with and without contrast of my neck and brain. It came back,I had white matter. And thats when I was… Read More

Numb feet*

So I had a really bad attack a couple of years ago that caused my feet to be mostly numb. My feet have NEVER recovered from that attack. Sometimes I worry that maybe its not the MS but something else causing neuropathy? Any one else have numb feet that came and stayed? Read More


I've had problems with fatigue for a long time now, even before my diagnosis of RRMS. It's really gotten me feeling depressed because it seems like no matter what I do, I just can't feel rested. Does anyone have any ideas on things that I could try to help this? Read More

Facial numbness*

I have just been recently diagnosed and trying to find out some group or talk to people who have Ms too.  I have alot of numb patches on my body aswell as numb toes and fingertips. it wasnt until this week my whole right side of my face is numb, shoulder and bicep. Awaiting neurologist to give me an… Read More

Could this be MS?*

Hello, I am a 20 year old female who has never had any health problems other than anxiety. I have come here for advice before meeting with my doctor. I have been experiencing shaking in my arms and hands. It is worse in my left side. My legs sometimes jerk. My arms and legs burn when trying to perform physical… Read More

Realistic Expectations...*

Hi all! Im a newb. and was hoping I can kinda poll the audience here...  First I want to add that I am so SO grateful for this site, it is a huge help for me as I wade my way through all of this, and Thank you to everyone who participates and makes this just such an amazing wealth of information.  Ok so I… Read More

Brain pressure - let's discuss (again)*

For a year straight, I have been reiterating that my brain and face and ear have pressure.  It's not allergies folks.  It's my dear friend MS.  When I got on Plegridy, this drug aggravated these symptoms so violently I couldnt handle any sort of daily function.  I got off betaseron and started on Aubagio which… Read More


I hope someone responds to this.  I was diagnosed one year ago with MS.  In the first year of this disease, I have constant symptoms and they are not going away so I would like to better understand what is happening.  Coming to grips with this has been very challenging.  My recurring symptom is on the right… Read More

Relentless episode symptoms *

So I'm brand new to this site.  I'm going through my second episode which has lasted about 4 months now.  Every single day I feel like I'm on an island of people not understanding what I'm going through.  Everyone keeps telling me that I look good.  What they don't realize is that it's not about how I look but… Read More

Dry Eyes and Copaxone?*

Dry eyes... sounds like such a small problem right?  But at this point it is my most constantly troubling MS symptom.  My eyes actually physically hurt, burn, feel swollen, i see double, triple sometimes, can't read a dang thing.  My eyesight started a bit of a gradual decline when I turned 41, I have never… Read More

Unknown if MS symptom*

Last fall I started getting these odd sensations in head, wet fluid like sensations. I have had MRIs and CT scans with no MS or any neurological problem. I have had a variety of general symptoms since then but it is hard to say if MS. It is probably not MS but it is interesting through months of testing no… Read More

difficulty writing*

I can type fine but I have a hard time writing penmanship.  It's like my hands won't move to make the letters in cursive.  Print is not great either but is better than my cursive.  Does anyone have this problem? Read More


Part of my left hand has been numb since October 2016.  Most of the time it doesn't bother me too much.  However lately I've started dropping things.  Naturally most of the things I drop contain liquids!  I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my coffee cup, spilling coffee all over my desk and cell phone… Read More

Bladder control*

So, I was just diagnosed with MS in November 2016 and so far my only symptoms, I think, have been seizures (which stopped after a 1 wk 1g/day intense steroid treatment in the hospital- and of course the TWO anticonvulsants I take daily), nerve pain (my finger tips are completely numb and I get shocks in my… Read More