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  • supremebeing
    Has anyone here gotten Strabismus as a result of an MS attack? I used ot have strabismus or "lazy eye" when I was a child, and after a year of wearing a patch, it went away. Then 25 years later, after my first MS attack, it came back! It interferes with my ability to read and see straight so bad that Im getting surgery next month. Im just curious if anyone else has experienced this strange phenomenon. 
  • solipsist
    Oh my, that was actually the symptom that eventually lead to my diagnosis (at age 26), though I did not have it as a child (my brother did). Did you receive any type of steroid treatment before getting surgery??? The various doctors I saw really dropped the ball with me when it began in November 2012 and my symptoms got MUCH worse before I was finally treated with steroids via IV in January followed by oral Prednisone for a few days afterward. I had been wearing an eye patch over the "bad eye" since November and it didn't correct itself until my general doctor suggested I alternate the patch between eyes every day - after 2 days of doing that my eyes returned to normal. 

    BUT - during all that, when I closed my good eye, the "bad eye" would regain focus and move to where it should be and acted normal. It was only when used in conjunction with the good eye that it couldn't focus and drifted all the way to the side. Is that the case for you?
  • supremebeing
    Wow thats interesting, I never heard of steroids fixing Strabismus--thats great! Yeah I tried patching and prisms but it didn't work. Yes the whole: "close the good eye so the bad one can stay still" is so exasperating!! :(

    My surgery was a success. It was INCREDIBLY painful but worth it. My eye is all healed now, it took 3.5 months. It still slides slightly when I'm tired, but I can function perfectly fine now, and I highly recommend surgery to anyone who really feels a strain on quality of life because of strabismus. 
  • Avatar
    I really don't know why it happens though I guess that the video might be able to help you out on that. I hope that it gets cured permanently for you.
  • nursep
    Yes! when first diagnosed I had no control over one eye. It impaired my vision due to moving all over the place lol. It stopped after the steroids.
  • Avatar
    Thank you supreme being for sharing about Strabismus and papersgear here with us. You should check hospital pages for sure, or you should really go to a doctor soon and get treatment done asap, thanks.
  • cooperhighett

    I was also there to gotten Strabismus about the same attack that you have been talking about in this post. It sure is a good idea to know about the things that are concern with this attack.


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  • jacobbrenan
    I am also the one which has face the same problem for Strabismus and I was not able to do anything about it. There are many things that are supposed to be write my essay in the mind at mean time.

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