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  • Melly
    Hi everyone. Has anybody had seizures with their MS? I went through a short period of time when I would get I could imagine sparks coming off of my back, and I could watch my whole leg (Just 1 leg) twitch badly. I never zoned out, I was always aware of what was going on. And it was always after I went to bed, before I fell asleep. When I told my neurologist she kind of just brushed it off like it wasn't important. Just 1 of the things lately that make me go hmmm.
  • robslatt4567
    Greetings...the twitching in the evening sounds like a condition known as restless leg. You may also be having a spastic leg from ms. Or some combination of both. Myself I get a combination of both. The good news s is that it doesn't last to long. My spastic legs is like a flinch involuntarily every 45 seconds Or so. Usually occurs in evening. Best to you
  • Melly
    Hi there. Does what you experience feel electric? What I'm trying to describe wasnt just my leg, I felt it in my head and back too.
  • maachah
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  • cantstopwontstop
    Hello there, 

    Not saying you are wrong, but this sounds more like twitching / spasms especially if you are watching and knowing what was going on and which leg etc. There are specific types of seizures, most people do not remember going into a seizure and also wake up postitctal not knowing what happened. when you say you are aware of what you were doing that also makes me think it was not a seizure.

    EEG would also need to be done if you had a seizure, have you had one of those done?

    I have been healthy my entire life and I actually had two unprovoked grand Mal seizures while traveling and that’s what led to my diagnoses of MS within the last six months. A very small amount of people with MS have seizures now that I have done a lot of research after diagnosis.

    If you truly believe you are having seizures you need to be strict with your neuro about finding out an answer or find someone else.

    I wish you luck in figuring it out. I am going on six months seizure free with anti seizure meds.