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Could I catch MS from my partner?*

I recently found out that the epstein barr virus is linked with MS, yet it's not clear online if this could be contracted through bodily fluids. I trust my partner but would have a clearer conscience if there was an answer out there. Can I catch MS through kissing or sex? Read More

Im Curious about Plexus with MS?*

FIRST. If you sell it, Im not buying lol Now, I have a dear friend that has become an advocate for Plexus and she has friends of friends/aquantances that have testemonies about how it has helped their MS and their relapses.I have yet to try it because of changing my medication from Aubagio to Gelynia I feel… Read More

Research *

If you go to, on the top right of the page is Research, click on clinical trials to see some of the interesting projects that are going on that you might want to be part of, also, surveys to see what questions researchers are focusing on about life with ms. The trials have so good ones going on about… Read More

Research survey on MS*

I am a medical education researcher and am fielding a survey to individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) to understand their specific challenges as well as informational and educational needs. The purpose of the research is to develop a report/publication to inform supporters of patient education of the real… Read More

Graphic Design Survey*

I NEED THE HELP of this great community! I have only 2 weeks left to gather more results.Hello, I am Andrew Fogle, my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was eleven years old. I am currently a graduate student in the School of Visual Communication Design under the direction of Professor Ken… Read More


I learned that I had MS 12 / 2013. Let's just say I was in shock and still am. I have been super healthy for 45 years and started having problems when I was running with my legs and feet going numb. When my Dr told me I would not gain the feeling in my legs back and I would have to start taking Meds everyday… Read More

MS research study in Kent, OH *

Our research examines how various symptoms of multiple sclerosis affect thinking skillsTo be eligible, you must: have a diagnosis of MS be willing to complete 2 sessions to measure fitness & thinking skills  PARTICIPANTS CAN EARN $100If you are interested, please contact us… Read More

New Research Opportunity!*

Hello, my name is Lexy Balshi and I am writing to you to make a personal request.  I would greatly appreciate if you partook in my study on Multiple Sclerosis by completing a short survey. I am currently a high school sophomore Florida. My mother, Kim, was diagnosed with MS when I was 12 years old, just over 3… Read More

Having children*

Hey guys, one of my biggest concerns is conceiving. I want a family but with MS I'm not sure how it will affect me or my child .. Is there anyone who knows about about it , or has conceived with MS? Did it affect you by worsening your symptoms? I've looked up so many websites about MS & conceiving but alot… Read More

Why is my hair thinning so much?*

Hi all! I have noticed since I have been taking my medications that large clumps of hair would come out during the day and in the shower.  3 months later, my hair is noticably thinner. I am 20 years old and I greatly cherish my hair.  I emailed my doctor and told him what was going on. He said that it… Read More

About the Brain*

A piece in the Economist says, "The human brain has around 86 billion neurons, and the wiring that links it (cell protrusions called axons) is reckoned to be about 100,000km long. in case you were wondering. Read More

Survey about Graphic Design

I NEED THE HELP of this great community! Hello, I am Andrew Fogle, my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was eleven years old. I am currently a graduate student in the School of Visual Communication Design under the direction of Professor Ken Visocky O’Grady at Kent State University. As… Read More

Causes for MS? *

I find it interesting that while I'm told and have read they don't know yet exactly what causes MS, that since my diagnosis no one has asked me any questions about my background or history to add to any sort of database of facts.  Have you found anything different? When my daughter was born with Down… Read More

Panel to discuss new MS research *

Vanderbilt University (Nashville) is looking for people suffering from MS and caregivers of individuals with MS to be a a part of an expert panel for an upcoming event.  The Community Engagement Studio will be a 1-time meeting in partnership with the national organization Accelerated Cure Project for MS… Read More