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  • b-tay
    Hey Everyone, I do not have MS however my mother does and was dignosed when I was about 10. I am a nursing student and I am doing a paper on multiple sclerosis. I was wondering if some of you wouldnt mind telling me what age you were when you were dignosed and what are some of the symptoms you have. You don't need to go in to detail if you don't want and it can be brief. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello b-tay,

    It looks like you are looking for specific responses, but I wanted to include some general information that may be helpful:

    Who Gets MS

    MS Symptoms

    Good luck with your paper.
    MS Navigator Stephanie
  • beaurylancambria
    I was 48. No family history and no other medical issues. My first symptoms were fatigue and facial paralysis. It's been 2 And a half years. I have rrms. Oddly enough, I have no symptoms in the summer. In the winter, I have fatigue, sore muscles ,balance issues and total body numbness anytime I lay down. I was on copaxone for 7 months, but have been med-free for almost two years. I hope this helps with your paper. If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask.
  • b-tay
    Thank you for your response. I appreciate it!
  • lveglatte
    I was 30 when diagnosed. I'm 63 now. Sympoms were mostly fatigue and numbness for the first 29 years. Lived a full and normal life. The past few years have been worse, mobility issues, but still walking (with a cane). I'm taking Tecfidera now to keep me stable. No medication for the first 29 years. I exercise and eat a heathy diet and live a pretty active life. I hope this helps your research.
  • danielle83
    It was 4 days before my 34th bday when I was diagnosed. I had a year of pins and needles in my arms that slowly went away then came back to include my legs. Taking Tacfidera now and eating health and currently have almost no problems. Good luck in school 
  • Dont-MS-with-me
    I was 37 when I was officially diagnosed. I woke up with my entire right side of my body numb and tingly and very fatigued, this later progressed into nerve pain on the right side of my body as well.  It took a few months, but I got diagnosed with CIS (early MS) and the symptoms subsided somewhat. Than a few months later, I had a second relapse affecting the left side of my body (same symptoms as my right) and then came the MS diagnosis. I had my 3rd relapse a few months after that which added in weakness, extreme fatigue, dizzyness, and cog fog.  I started Gilenya, and then Tysabri shortly thereafter. If I can be of any futher help, please let me know. Good luck!
  • julsann1
    Good luck with school. I am not sure of your specifics, & what stage she has. I have SPMS i think i spelt that right. I was always a strong go getter, helping others. I started loosing that about 8 yrs ago & this is just a guess. My short term memory well lets say with out appt books, calendars & yes I had a daughter who probably got sick of me asking her who, what when, i guess embaressed. I started getting appts mixed up at work & all i wanted to do was sleep. I had these pains from way back that felt like someone was bear hugging me & could not breath. Later i found out it was called "MS Hugs" well they hurt. My r side was affected, & I my right eye was getting worse. "Optic nureitis" I did have catarac surgery 1 yr ago i can see with out readers but the r eye, I have tremors, & i was told i should be using something to help me balance since i fall frequently.....anyways if you want more info i can help.