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  • sammarch
    I was diagnosed with MS in janurary 2016 and have been taking gilenya since March 2017 I just got my second MRI and the doctor called and said that my lesions have gotten smaller and no more!!! Its imporant to keep your head up and have a great attitude towards life with a healthy diet and exserise because I think that really does make a huge difference! has anyone has gotten good response with this medicine too? 
  • Avatar
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  • tomm34
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  • hakimaru
    How were you Vit D levels? are you taking Vit D supplements? Were you screened for any viral titres like EBV or HSV? Can you relate to any trigger in november-december 2015 that could have possibly stimulated your immune system. I am just curious to find out the trigger for the disease. I also started a converstion to get the prevalence of disease in some areas.
  • sammarch
    My vt D levels were low and now they have me on 5,000 mg? suppliments of it. 
  • epi2me
    I have no idea what Gilenya is but congratulations.
  • Avatar
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