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Could I have facial numbness caused by MS without brain lesions? I had an MRI of my brain recently, and it came back clear. Nothing has been checked on my spine. I've had a lot of numbness, mostly on the right side of my head, since October. In the beginning I also had it spread down my neck, across the back of… Read More

just got back my MRI results...*

hey guys im brand new, just got back my MRI results and have had MS on my list of suspected ailments for some time. about 4 months ago my left leg started going numb and now is almost completely numb most of the time. have also had swelling in the right side of my face that i thought was sinus related, but it… Read More

New symptoms keep on coming*

Last 2 years have been a nightmare and it just gets worse. My life has been completely turned upside down. My symptoms started in 2008, with overheating and numbness in hands and feet. Absolutely cannot tolerate heat, not even a hot shower. I got worse by 2011 and had MRI and LP. Diagnosis was "Possible MS". I… Read More

Possible MS in 21 year old female*

okay so I’ve been having probelms for the past 3 years. I’ve had 2 pregnancies with in those 2 years and try to convince myself it was all pregnancy related and when I would mention nerve pain and certain symptoms to my OB she said it’s probably pregnancy related until symptoms didn’t go away several months… Read More

MRI results *

I am just looking for some opinions on my MRI report.  I am typing this exactly how it is on the report (run on sentences and lack of punctuation is copied verbatum).  ​Impression:  ​Nonspecific nonenhancing punctate inferior right frontal T2 FLAIR hyperintensities, most likely relating to chronic… Read More

Possible MS: awaiting further tests*

Hello everyone! I am hoping to get some insights about everyone's experience with MS, in particular the early diagnosis process. Just a bit of background: for the last three years I have been having recurring symptoms that last about 1-3 weeks and occur every 6-9 months. The symptoms seem to have gotten… Read More

Ms panel results *

I have had an mri of my brain a month ago that showed multiple lesions. I had a spinal tap last week and I have high lymphocytes and low monocytes. Everything else was normal. I am waiting for the MS panel results. Does anyone know how long that could take? It’s stressful not knowing. My neurologist thinks it’s… Read More


I have had off and on symptoms of MS for years. I had an MRI of my brain a week ago today and have not heard anything yet. I am just curious if others heard right away when they had ms lesions or did your doctor wait until your next appointment to tell you? Was no news good news for you? I had an MRI in… Read More

MS like symptoms*

Hello everyone, I know that only a Dr can tell me if I have MS but based on the little research i have done so far, I am fairly certain that will be diagnosis. I went to see my PCP on Wednesday for a bit of tingling on my face and left arm that I had the previous weekend. He said follow up in 2 weeks if I… Read More

I think I have MS*

Hello everyone, my name is Angelique, I'm 19 years old, and I think that I may have MS. Over the past year Ive had to extreme fatigue and had to go to the bathroom an insanely high amount of times. I didnt take much notice to it and thought it would go away. But it hasnt, so I went to Dr. Google and I think I… Read More

Sorting this out in a foreign country *

Hello, I have begun the journey into testing here in China. I went to an international medical center last week where I explained the symptoms I am currently experiencing (tingling and numbness in my feet, hands, lips, and mouth, cramps in my feet, tightness around my chest). I was sent for an MRI of my lower… Read More

Sclerosis of the temporomandibular joint*

Can an MS lesion be present in the jaw?  I have had MS symptoms off and on for years, and they have gotten worse this past year.  Recent MRI's of the brain, cervical spine and thoracic spine do not show any MS type lesions, so my neurologist is leaning towards ruling out MS.  However, I am still having symptoms… Read More


Hi All, I'm not yet diagnosed with anything.  My inital symptom was this strange feeling the my legs were getting heavy, then light again as I walk, acompained by twiching.  Then I started falling.  Following that came the difficulty breathing because if felt like a tight band wrapped around my rib cage.  The… Read More

Diagnostic testing*

I have brain lesions but no definite answer as of the cause. So now I am getting a spinal tap, VEP, and a MS mimics test. I feel a bit bummed that I didn't really remember to tell the specialist that I saw, all of my symptoms. A lot of them can really only be described by MS. But that's alright.. He says some… Read More

Confused and Scared *

Hi All! I was diagnosed on today, November 6, 2017, and will go on Tecfidera. Has anyone been on this long enough to know of any side effects? I will tell you I am scared. I am declining fast. I am so anxious to go on the MS medication. Also, not to be a downer but is this a deadly disease? Read More

I'm sure this has been said before...*

Hello everyone, I have just received a 3 part MRI which came back with several brain lesions.. I have many symptoms of MS, yet no spinal lesions.. The MRI report came back as inconclusive, upon the findings of the lesions, meaning they don't know if it is MS. I do have four herniated discs, two of them touching… Read More

How do I ask my doctor?*

I'm new to this, I'm sorry if this is a repost... I have symptoms, both common and uncommon, of MS. I am becoming increasingly worried about it all... My doctor recently diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, and put me on gabapentin. I am worried, that since gabapentin can be used in MS for nerve pain that my… Read More


So I have been battling this for 5 years. 5 years ago I had vision problems, headaches, and had problems with balance. Not too bad, but had a friend tell me to get tested. My MRI shows no signs... 5 years ago. I has diagnosed with chronic migraines. I really never went for more testing. Now my symptoms are much… Read More