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Possible / New Diagnosis

Fibromyalgia and MS*

I was dx with Fibro in 2003 by a Physiatrist out of the lack of finding anything else wrong with me.  It began with hip pain spreading to overall pain. At the time I was on Celexa for depression following the birth of my second child and my mother was very ill.   He sent me to a pain clinic to receive shots… Read More

New here/ Need some help *

Hello everyone! My name is Desiree, I have two babies (1&3), I'm 25 years old, I'm a stay at home mom, and recently I've been having a lot of symptoms that my doctor believes is MS. I am scheduled for an MRI at the end of the month and see a neurologist next week. I just want to come to the experienced… Read More

Losing Vision in One Eye for a few Min

I am a 38 year old female. I am in the process of going through tests and had a question on whether losing vision in an eye for a few minutes is a symptom anyone else had. Some history: The issue which brought me to the neurologist was, starting approx. 2 months ago I was having issues were my right eye… Read More

looking for answers...*

hello, i am mandy and i am 32 yrs old, no diagnosis. about 5 years ago, i had my first issue of my entire left side going numb for a few minutes, but quickly recovered.  from then on, i have had many weird issues ranging from:  vertigo, sharp facial pain, numbness and tingling in all extremities + face… Read More

Possible MS??*

Hi everyone. My name is Hailey, I’m only 18 years old, and I live in San Diego, CA. I’ve been experincing a lot of problems and I’m starting to wonder if it could possibly be beginnings of MS. It started with a headache, 24/7 for what has been two months now. With it, I started to notice blurred vision in my… Read More

Curiosity about symptoms *

Hi all - I am new here and am experiencing possible symptoms of MS.  For about 6 months now I have been having on and off unilateral eye pain - went to my eye doctor and he said my vision was better than in the past - went to a neuro chiropractor that I always go to and brought it up and she said my eye… Read More


Hi all, I am in the process of possibly being diagnosed with MS.  I just had an MRI without contrast done last night and got the results back.  Specifically, this was the explanation of results: TWO SMALL NONSPECIFIC FOCI OF T2 HYPERINTENSITY IN THE RIGHT FRONTAL SUBCORTICAL WHITE MATTER, MEASURING UP TO 2 MM… Read More


hello everyone. I am seeking some advice from people with possible  similar experiences. A few weeks ago (around 4-5) I woke up and my right arm was completely asleep for no reason. I let it go but 2 nights later I woke up to my left leg numb. I went to ER for stroke like symptoms due to Yaz birth control. I am… Read More

2 Month Diagnosed with so many questions*

Hello, I was diagnosed on August 22nd, at the age of 41, after being admitted to the hospital with vertigo, numbness and pain.  I am a pretty private person.  In fact, I was once referred to as an 'Intravert on Steroids', which I found pretty true :)  I don't like to share things I am feelling or going through… Read More

Newly diagnosed after way too long. *

I am 51, and have been fighting the battle of being undiagnosed and very sick for very long.  I became ill initially at 38, although I've had symptoms off and on since 31.  After years of trying to get diagnosed with MS and only having untreated "probable MS" or CIS, I gave up. A rheumy told me I had fibro and… Read More


Hi, (sorry, long explanation. 34 y/o female, first symptoms 2013) 2013: I originally was made aware of the possibility of MS due to having physical therapy for pinched nerves/ herniated discs in my lumbar spine. During and between PT sessions I started experiencing numbness and tingling starting in my hands… Read More

Lumbar Puncture Positives*

So confused. I went in for a lumbar puncture as part of a myelogram to check out possibility of back surgery for debiliating pain. All the ms indicators came back positive. I have many ms symptoms. Can barely do steps. Balance crazy. Double vision. Exhaustion. I've been diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia been… Read More

My husband says he has MS. . .*

Hello. My husband often tells me he has MS but has never been to the doctor, he just self diagnosed himself and says he has a grandma that had it. I keep telling him to see a doctor but he refuses. How did you that have MS actually find out you had it? What steps did you take? I have no idea where to start. Read More

Scared and frustrated...*

I have not yet been diagnosed, but truly have all but one of the common MS symptoms, and most of the less common symptoms.  Now I am having difficulty walking almost daily.  I can't seem to get an appointment with a neurologist in a timely manner.  I had an appointment on 10/16 (not too bad), and the office… Read More

Any information will be appreciated*

In June 2015 I started having bizarre episodes that appear like ms. I have been diagnosed with chronic migraines, seizures, fibromyalgia and mild lupus. I have had normal MRIs and when they did my spinal tap found 5 oligiconal bands. These episodes consist of falling spells, weakness, blurred and double vision,… Read More

MRI White Spots confused *

So I went to see a local neurologist today. Previously, September 1 I went to see one in Northern Va who did a very through exam, ordered blood work and mri. I had the Mri on Wednesday and of course I am gonna look at the disc. So the local neurologist today said your symptoms sound like MS. Then he spends 15… Read More