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Possible / New Diagnosis

Recently diagnosed with acute MS. *

Hi all, I'm doing my 3rd semester in graduate school. If there is one time I would not want to be diagnosed with MS would be now. I'm an international student, staying away from family and comfort zone. I had a pretty bad case of double vision, didn't know which was real and which was not. I had panic attacks… Read More

Newly diagnosed*

Hello I am a newly diagnosed MS patient and would like some information on what to expect in the days to come. I will see the Neuro for the first time this week and I'm not sure what to expect. Here's my story 😊 About 2 months ago I woke up and my left foot felt like it was "asleep" but it never "woke up… Read More

Second Opinion or just let it go?*

Where do I start…I am a 43 male from Amarillo, Texas that workouts, eats healthy and loves to travel. With that being said I think I am losing my mind. Let’s go back to 2006 when I first started having tingling on my face. Went to Neurologist and he ordered an MRI. The results from that said thickening of the… Read More

Tingly Face*

Hi all;I,do not have MS.Lately face tingling,like tear drops,abit farther down on cheeks. Going,for a reg Dr check up.Will tell her.  Also;on and off for yrs.Burning on both side of head.and a creepy feeling in joints. Back,then I tried not having coffee,and eatting chinsese food.Felt better. Still,get… Read More


Hi all, I've been admiring your stories since I ran across this website as I tirelessly Googled the possible explanations for the weird symptoms I've been having.  Two weeks ago I was driving my daughter home and had an overwhelming feeling of tiredness, dizziness and facial tingling come over me.  I actually… Read More


Hi! I am going to be 46 the end of the month. My symptoms began after my son was born in 2008. In 2010, I was finally sent to a neurologist after experiencing major loss of balance and strange burning sensations, especially at the top and back of my head.  The doctor I was referred to specialized in Migraines… Read More

False negative?*

Has anyone here had a negative spinal tap test for MS but were diagnosed with MS? recently had an MRI that showed gliosis. I had a spinal tap and it came back negative for MS. However, I know two people who have MS and both felt very strongly that I needed to get a second opinion. Many of my symptoms mirror… Read More

I thought I had 2 strokes in 6 hours*

Im a 35 yo female and my health started its decline in 2010 when I was diagnosed with Lupus. In 2013 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after having gestational diabetes with 3 of my children. Over the years it progressed to pain.. joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue. Nerve conduction studies diagnosed me with… Read More


So I am not sure how to start this but something bizzare is happening and has been happening. For a long time I told myself that everyone has this. There is nothing wrong. I blamed it on being a woman and my periods. Well looking back now it seems like it might of been a combo of things. I had a partal… Read More

Waiting for diagnosis and scared shitless*

Hi everyone. On Thursday I had an MRI. At the end of my day, my doctor called me at work and told me they had sent her my results already (usually it takes 4-5 days). I knew right then something was wrong. She said they found 2 small lesions. She is referring me to a neurologist, but it will probably take 6… Read More

Possible MS*

Hi everyone. My name is Cheri. Im 45 and a single mom to two boys, 18 and 25. I have been researching MS and came across this site. I havent talked to a dr about the concerns, mainly because I dont have insurance. I have in the past visited my physician with things that may have been related to MS even though… Read More

Feel like I'm losing my life *

i have been suffering for about two years. All the drs kept staring it was depression. Finally took their meds. No better. Ended up in the hospital twice w dizzyiness, extream tired, numbness, pain. They started eliminating things right away. Finally took MRI. Found lesion on left side of brain. Ended up in… Read More

Multiple sclerosis vs stroke*

right now I am waiting to be diagnosed with something so that I can move on and have a game plan to help my symptoms. This is the basics of my November I saw an orthopedic doc for hip/back pain and he diagnosed me with hip bursitis. In February I saw a pain management/back doc and he diagnosed me… Read More

Eye and facial pain*

Hi, are these Ms symptoms? Ive been having left sided eye pain and pressure. I went to the Optician who said my eye sight had changed from nearsighted to longsited in the left eye and that there was high pressure in that eye. She gave me new glasses and told me to go back if no improvement (there's none but… Read More

New diagnosis*

Hi, all!   So, my name is Tanya and I have been diagnosed with MS.  Six weeks ago I had an MRI which indicated MS or Lyme Disease.  My Dr. ordered a blood test for Lyme and it came back positive and Negative (it's a two-part test).  She put me on Antibiotics which didn't make me feel any better.  Fast forward,… Read More

Confused *

Three years ago, after months of tests, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My symptoms were controlled with medication the sense that they never got worse but never went away either. I'm plagued by constant fatigue and muscle pain daily, and my leg and arm muscles twitch now and again. About 5 months ago I… Read More