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Possible / New Diagnosis

Long-time sick, new diagnosis......*

My official MS dx was 1-25-17, I am 59.  I was 26 when I had my first bout with paralysis.... Changes in health care, insurance, and doctors over the years brought several diagnosis, surgeries, and years of being told it was all in my head, and worse.... The last Dr, if he can be called that, let me suffer for… Read More


Good morning,  This is my first time posting here, and I've already gotten some great info and encouragement from reading many of your posts and replies on this site. Thank you! I have a question about getting a second opinion generally, and whether anyone out here has specific experience getting a second… Read More

Confused feel like I am losing my mind*

I am new to all of this and never been on a message board before, but I feel like I am slowly going crazy and praying for even five minutes without pain.  I am a 46 year old female that has been scanned, lumbar puncture, blood test, evoke test, and MRI's with and without contrast.  This is such a slow process… Read More

Vent or advice not sure*

Hello all, I'm not sure if I am here more to vent or seek some guidance. My wife has been struggling with medical issues for 10 years now.  She has been told possible lime disease, firbomyalgia, depressions, dementia, hyperhyroidism, the list goes on.  15 months ago she got an MRI done and was told she had… Read More


Hi, I had an MRI on 4/18/16 and it said: FINDINGS: The cerebral volume is age appropriate. There are periventricular white matter lesions adjacent to the margins of the lateral ventricles. This is particularly notable adjacent to the posterior horn of the left lateral ventricle with a lesion measuring about… Read More

Similar experiences?*

Hello, My name is Laura. I was diagnosed at 28, 9 months ago. My first symptoms were the week I was diagnosed. I've had constant issues since and just had a another set back/flare up. I've been having terrible vertigo for the last two weeks a. Has anyone else had diagnosis and onset of symptoms happen nearly… Read More


Hello, I stumbled across this site looking up some symptoms I've recently been having. I am 22 years old, and  I will be 9 weeks   Postpartum  as of Thursday. Last Tuesday I started having numbness in my left hand. Yesterday (Tuesday) I woke up and felt like I was shaking terribly, and my hand and arm are so… Read More

Newly Diagnosed*

I'm not sure I'm talking to but I'm afraid and very stressed with being recently diagnosed. I'm sick already with RA and 2 back surgeries now this? I'm frustrated as well to say the least but not sure where to go from here! Read More

Me too*

I could not wait for 2017. I just wanted 2016 to be over. It seemed like one long, ugly, disheartening mess. I remember longing for November 9, 2016 with a passion! That would be the day we could put the sordid mess behind us and begin to move forward. Well, for me and my husband, it didn't work out that way… Read More

Possible diagnosis/feeling frustrated*

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm a 29-year old female and I'm feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and am looking for some support or words of advice during this strange time. Over the last couple of years, I've had varying neurologic symptoms and no diagnosis yet. Dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, itchy/tingling… Read More

Patiently Waiting! *

Hey guys! I'm new to this site, as I have just been introduced to MS. It all started out with me when I went to the optometrist for the first time (about 2 years ago) and my Dr. noticed some abnormaliteis about my vision (My optic disc/cup is very enlarged). He requested a vision field test, and came to the… Read More


I am looking for answers. For the past 3 years I have been struggling with multiple health problems I have been bounced from one doctor to the next and I have yet to get answers on what is actually wrong with me, so here I am hoping that maybe my symptoms relate or strike a cord with someone to see if I can get… Read More


Hello, My 16 yo daughter has just been diagnosed. I think we are all still in shock and feeling very sad. She has just finished a round of steroids and will be starting long term meds in a few weeks. I often use natural remedies and herbs at home and so this influx of serious meds along with the grief of her… Read More

Im starting to feel like im crazy *

For years I have been forced to live with theses horrible symptoms (headache, vision issues, memory issues, leg and are weakness, full body spasming) MRI came back negative (they said it couldn't have been more textbook normal), my blood tests for mimics came back normal, and the lumbar puncture came back… Read More

Newly diagnosed*

Hello everyone. I am a 43 yr old single mother. I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago with MS.  My neurologist suspects that I've had relapsing MS since 2004. I've had ongoing bouts of vertigo starting 2004, then 2012. I was refered to a neurologist because I started to notice weakness in my left leg.  After 3 MRIs… Read More

A little bit scared.*

I have been dealing with MS like symptoms since 2008 but only recently saw a neurologist about it.  The neurologist and my primary care doctor both think that I have probable MS. I had an MRI back in December which showed 10-12 lesions which may be from demylination but were not typical of how MS lesions look… Read More

Possible MS, ongoing symptoms *

The past six months I have had symptoms of MS with no evidence via brain and spine MRIs. Most frequent and disruptive symptoms are burning nerve pain, fatigue, and a transient brief leakage feeling in my head. I have not had a lumbar puncture and was wondering how many people have been diagnosed with negative… Read More

Newly Diagnosed *

Hello all, I got the dreaded phone call yesterday that my lumbar puncture came back positive for MS. It took me by surprise because at my last neuro appt. the doctors said they did not suspect MS. I feel like I am completely overwhelmed and obviously in a bit of denial. I go back for an appt on Friday with a MS… Read More

I'm afraid this is MS*

Hi. My I'm 20 a year old female and I'm here because I think I could have MS. I'm afraid to tell my mother because she knows that I am a hypochondriac. I tend to diagnose myself with deadly debilitating diseases. The reason why I think I may have MS is because of the following symptoms:  worsening double… Read More