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Possible / New Diagnosis

Undiagnosed *

When I was about 15 years old I went completely paralyzed from the waist down. It happened at school over the course of about 2 hours. I went to the hospital and because I was not visibly upset the doctors believed I was faking. He turned to my mother and said, "if you were 15 and paralyzed  wouldn't you be… Read More

Unsure if stress or MS*

Hi everyone, Sorry this is so long! But please stick with me. I'm a 28yr old female, healthy & active (until recently). I started seeing my doctor around 2 months ago for fatigue & dizzy spells/vertigo, the dizziness was mostly postural related so doc wasn't concerned but did blood tests to check a few things.… Read More

Possible MS? *

It has been a bad weekend. I started out last week having some bad muscle pain in my lower back and legs. I work as an RN in a busy NICU and was on night shifts all weekend. Friday I noticed after showering that the left side of my scalp felt really numb while brushing my hair and my left eye was feeling a lot… Read More

Possible misdiagnosed *

I was diagnosed in 2008 with RRMS. I started treatment right away, I have since been on 6 different treatments because could never tolerate side effects. Last month neurologist told me she doesn't think I have MS and suggested I see several different specialist to see if maybe they can determine what I have. I… Read More

Specialist Appointment and Symptoms*

Prior to my MS specialist appointment, I find myself googling different symptoms of MS. I know everyone has different symptoms, but I can't help but feel I don't really have a strong case for MS. Some of the symptoms I have are: Uncontrollable muscle spasm (Mostly arm/hand, usually when i'm tired in the… Read More

Desperate for a diagnosis*

Hi all.  I have been having symptoms for several years now, gotten worse the last 2 -3.  The first MRI I had showed 2 lesions in my brain which the radiologist interpreted as indicative of MS.  My neuro at the time said he did not think so.  My neuro left town, next one found that I have peripheral… Read More

Patiently Waiting! *

Hey guys! I'm new to this site, as I have just been introduced to MS. It all started out with me when I went to the optometrist for the first time (about 2 years ago) and my Dr. noticed some abnormaliteis about my vision (My optic disc/cup is very enlarged). He requested a vision field test, and came to the… Read More

Am I going crazy?*

It's been almost 2 years since the symptoms began. First, a random tremor in my hand when I was holding my coffee cup. Then, pain shooting down my neck and back whenever I would tilt my head downward. Tiredness. Extreme fatigue. But then again, I have two small kids... who wouldn't be tired all the time? Every… Read More

Scared and confused*

About 2 and half months ago I began getting light headed. At first it was intermittent for a week, then I began getting visual issues as well with it the light headedness. Everything seemed extra bright and patterns were weird, blurry vision and I felt like a sensory overload. At first I thought it was an inner… Read More

Hi! I'm Ash*

hi! my name is Ashlie and I was recently diagnoised with MS.  Im still in somewhat a daze because I feel as though I'm making it a bigger deal than what it truly is. But I'm also one not to shed light on my stress.  I wanted to join this community to see how others came to terms with the realization of a… Read More

Still no diagnosis, SO confused!!!*

So I've posted before about my situation... to sum it up, I basically started having numbness in my hand in October and had an abnormal brain MRI (multiple juxtacortical lesions, one large periventricular lesion).  Then I had a LP which was negative but the neuro said my myelin basic protein was slightly… Read More


Hi everyone! This is my first post.   I am scheduled for a lumbar puncture this Friday and scared to death.  Of course I've done more reading than I should about it on the internet.  I tell myself I want to be prepared for anything but I've just scared myself more. I got to this point starting about 2 months… Read More

Could I have MS?*

I'm almost 28. For two months now, I have been dealing with a tingling/shock sensation (no pain) that shoots down my spine and legs whenever I bend my neck forward. I also have had a few instances of feeling an "icy hot" sensation in my arms and face. These symptoms alone were enough to confuse me and send me… Read More

Possible MS?*

I woke up about 4 months ago with pain in my right shoulder.  As the day progressed I got muscle weakness and numbness in my thumb, index and middle fingers with the index finger being the worst in my right arm and fingers. The muscle weakness eventually got better and so did the numbness in my fingers… Read More

Treating MS*

Hi everyone, I'm 18 years old and was diagnosed with MS when i was 15. At first my syptoms were extreme but they're very mild now and barely noticable... the noticable symptoms are caused by my medication including ruining my skin and making me sick. I heard of many people not taking any MS medication and… Read More

Possible diagnosis. Help please!*

Please help me I need your opinions and answers on what I'm going through I'm going crazy and losing functions by the day. I've been going through the ringer for about 3 years now will still no answers.  I'm going to try to sum it up but it's complicated and there's so many factors. As back ground information I… Read More