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Fitbit *

I have gotten one reply about this and would really like to hear from others that use one and which one really works the way they say it will. I want to add it to my things of surrville like my new bugo walker I got this week and love it. It has helped me get out of my dungen and move something I have not… Read More

Diet and MS (autoimmune problems)*

I've had MS for 6 years. Both my sons and I are also exhibiting autoimmune problems like psoriasis. We are going to see an allergist next week to see if they can help us isolate any food allergies; then on to a dermatologist. Has anybody had any luck with major dietary changes when it comes to autoimmune… Read More

Exercise more harm then good? *

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with exercise causing any new damage?  So I've had a sore knee for several weeks, which I have attributed to my uneven gait due to muscle weakness in one leg.  But, since bad knees sort of run in my family, I'm a little concerned that continuing to take walks, exercise,… Read More

Absolutely done with the word LAZY! *

Hello to whomever reads this, So, I am tired (of course I'm tired, I have MS.) I am having "going on a long rant" feelings about the word "LAZY"... so I looked it up, and the only definition that I feel actually applies to any of us, is slow moving. ( Me for sure moves slow.) But other than that... I work… Read More

At wits end...*

 How do you cope with fatigue? Even though I have been diagnosed for 10 years I have never felt the fatigue this bad before. I work 32 hrs a weeks and I barely have enough left in me to cook dinner when I get home, much less keep the house clean, and laundry done and yada yada.  All I want to do is sleep, In… Read More

Confilict of interest!*

So here I am totaly confussed, back in November 2012 I am involed in a car accident and suffered a head injury and with orders from my Doctor had a lot of differnt test run to find out why I was having a hard time walking. A brain scan, a EMG (that showed a pinched nirv in my lower right back), a MRI, and… Read More


I have recently been diagnosed with MS. I was not educated on just what MS was so when The doctor diagnosed me I was in shock and scared to death. He explained that there are some wonderful treatments that help with with my MS, however there was no cure. I was still scared for what MS really was but was… Read More


Younger new physicians still enjoy the discovery investigation aspects of medicine. Older seasoned mds for the most part are in the rote trap, 'if it's a fever it must be virus'. Watching the md as you speak will give you an idea if the md is in habit mode or if the brain is working. Some physicans report… Read More


i have recently been dx with ppms, i'm from the UK but have found this site, so i thought i'd join in and see how people are coping. Hope to hear from some of you :) Read More

How to cope with speech issues?*

My speech issues have gone from being a slight nuisance, to me being a better listener, to a big hinderance. I have experience & knowledge that could be useful to others in this noggin of mine, but I rarely speak anymore & let others take the long road. I'm really struggling at my job & daily life. I'm… Read More


The kids were hanging out doing nothing when another kid showed up holding a paper bag that looked like it was filled to the brim. He asked one of the kids to put his hand in the bag, then another kid and another. All the kids declined. Fear is the very best excuse we have ever come up with, it is better… Read More

Help?!? *

Hello, I have noticed that alot of people are looking for strategies to help them get through the day a little easier. I think we all probably have ways we make it a little better for ourselves and I think we should share them. I'm decently new to this site and maybe there is already a post (or several… Read More

Guilty *

I'm 21 years old and was diagnosed with MS about a year ago. I assumed from the day I was diagnosed that my life was basically over. I was sure I would have to quit my job as a waitress, move back in with my mom, and get used to life in a wheelchair. Now, a year later, I realize that MS works in funny ways… Read More

MS and essential oils *

Hey all- New to the site. My Mom has been battling MS since '93 and has been in a wheelchair for most of that time. I am 30 and feel absolutely helpless. I have heard a lot about essential oils and have dabbled in them a little bit myself. I was wondering if anyone has used them? Have they had any affect… Read More

looking for a good 4 wheeled walkker*

Has anyone used a 4 wheeled walker and if so what one? I am looking for one with wheels that I can use out in the woods. With big tall and fat tires so I don't get suck. I know there a lot of them out there but which one really works? Read More