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College Student with MS *

Hi everyone! I am a sophomore in college and paying for school all on my own. I was just recently diagnosed in July and just started with treatments and medicine. I entered a scholarship competition for Dr. Pepper and could really use everyone's support. I am a finance major and am so passionate about this… Read More

Let's All Get Depressed. *

Since depression is the most difficult feeling to grapple with it is worth examining in depth. Yes, it is part of the grieving proccess and most of us move on, we all go through a lot of losses with ms, a lot of little things that are no longer available to us, and of course the big things and we swallow the… Read More

Winning the jackpot twice *

Hi my name is Jen and I am 20 years old. I love staying active on this website as it has been a huge coaping mechanism for me.  Winning the jackpot twice, All of us with MS already "won the jackpot" in an odd way. However, this past weekend, I was able to make something positive out of this disease. I… Read More

Feeling pretty *

Okay so I am a newly diagnosed 22 y.o newly married mom of three. Since I became sick I have lost a lot of weight my skin tone is horrible my hair has gone to crap I just feel 100 uglier then I was I know most people will say love the skin your in if your husband doesn't think your beautiful you don't need… Read More

Enjoyment of life*

Has anyone found a general loss of enjoyment?  It seems my sense of humor has disappeared.  I have lost the ability to laugh at anything. Every moment of everyday is spent just trying to get through. I desperately need to find simple enjoyment again. Read More

2016 *

Now is the time to read the changes for your medical insurance for 2016, because the out of pocket costs for January, February and March need to be saved for now if you want to be able to fill your prescriptions without aggrivation. If I dont plan now I wont be able to eat until April! Make sure your… Read More

I need some advice*

Hello to all who read this. Thank you for taking the time! I manage most of my MS with diet and exercise... I follow a paleo type of diet. (Since I know that people will ask... yes, it does make a difference. I don't feel like a million bucks, nor do I run around feeling like I don't have MS. But it DOES… Read More

What does our future look like? *

I cant stop thinking about the future of MS. Especially what my life in the future will look like. With medication I am able to feel from the waist down to my toes and walk, run, etc. I know without some of my daily meds, the numbness/tingling comes back. How long do I have until I lose something else? It… Read More

Sadness,fear, anger/ cognition problems

I was dianosed in 1992, had several attacks, but it went away in 1997 and stayed away for almost 20 years. This last summer my left hand went numb. My doctor sent me to get 3 days/ steroids.  But it got worse, on the 4th day, I could not think straight at all and it was so bad and awful. The nurse, people were… Read More

Well kids...*

... I have been posting here for a while and it is only this morning that I have come to realize that my memory of ms and living with ms has consumed most of my life for the last 25 years. I say I have memory problems, on second thought, it is not memory problems, it is the complications of ms. I am emptying… Read More

Digging out of the hole with a spoon.*

Hi to everyone! So, I've slid into a hole and now I have to try to dig myself out... I let taking really good care of myself be put on the back burner and didn't remember to stir it... now am stuck with a really icky mess to clean up! I am attempting to dig myself out of this hole... I had (stupidly… Read More

Progressive MS.*

Since the world is not interested in assisting those with progressive ms, it may be time for all of us to get involved in discussing the issue.  One of my cousins has progressive ms and what i notice is that she is the primary bread winner in her family. All the financial burdens are on her. She is carrying… Read More

My fear is real*

Hi everyone, My name is Mel and I have been living in denial for 6 years . I wasdiagnosed with Ms 6 years ago. I had 2 lessions on my brain and one on my upper spine. I refused to belive it. I would research other things and denied medication. I did a few MRI's and they never chnaged but my last MRI… Read More

Believe it or not*

This is so amazing to me I have to share it. The furnace in our house was making a funny sound, like marbles rolling around. It is the original with the house, built in 1972, it burns oil and or wood, logs as long as four feet. So, no one around here could fix it. I went on line with the name of the… Read More

New Website -

Hi I’m a semi-ambulatory MS person (diagnosed 2008, scooter and walker). I find that some venues are more accessible than others. Out of frustration I created this website: Accessibility varies widely from place to place. Having the knowledge of a site’s accessibility level… Read More

Insurance, what f***ing joke!!!*

I have insurance pay alot of money for it but they don't seem to want to pay for anything realted to my MS. I was told bu my pcp after going to see about a lot of bad pain's all over my body falowing a car accident where was out cold for over two minuts. I was sent for x-rays, ct scanes, emg's, eeg's, and so… Read More