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Random shocks and pain*

Does anyone else get random shocks and pain in their feet? It seems to happen to me in my feet and sometimes my shins. It is very annoying and nothing works to calm them or stop them. Some days they are worse than others. I think this symptom is one of the worse for me. Ugh! Read More


If you want to discuss anything in a forum format join us between 7-9pm est, we will begin with a random discussion and are also interested in doing researsh to discuss other topics on another day.   Read More

MS Navigators*

Can we get a chat room where we do not have to post like here, somewhere where we can dialog back and forth, with a post letting us know when someone leaves the chat room and/or is typing, thank you. Read More

Living with this ms as an adult *

Hey everyone my names Astria I'm from Rhode island and I've had ms since I was 12 years old I recently since 2012 been on my own without any help from my mom because my mom passed away Im now on my own 😔 I'm just now starting to learn more about my disease and how things work I've had several relapses and… Read More

Anyone aware??*

Looking for a two to three week MS get away with discussions of diet, exercise, activity, and more surrounded by group activities like kayaking, biking, board games, fishing or more in a group setting. Kind of like a MS rehab location.  Am I dreaming? Read More

Is it the MS or not?! *

I am certain that I am not the only one who has this problem.  Being newly diagnosed, everytime I have pain or some weird sensation, I am never entirely sure if its MS related or not?  How do you cope with that? Read More

Newly Diagnosed

Hello all. I am 23 years old, and diagnosed with MS 2 months ago. I have had several attacks since then, symptoms including: -Numbness and/or tingling in right hand and foot -Blurred Vision -Excruciating migraines -Hand-eye coordination off -Fatigue -Lack of concentration I'm not sure what else to… Read More


My Husband and our family have been invited on a Disney trip with my Aunt and Uncle in October. My husband has RRMS and we are blessed that right now he can get around well. His symptoms usually flare up when he overheats or gets really overtired. Both things I need to worry about in Florida. Has anyone ever… Read More

As so many have asked me..........*

 I am asked this by so many I figure why don't I just make a list and check it twise!!! So here it goes.    Fatigue--- Ah yes but only when I really want to do something.   Numbness--- yep mostly in my right leg and foot and it is most always there.    Walking(gait)--- Always my right leg &foot went… Read More


All transactions of daily life are continually influenced and conditioned by the silent but iperterrita action of MS. And 'it required the utmost attention in all the little movements and even during the physiological needs of our body. You may lose your balance also consequently a little yawn or a sneeze… Read More

Kalso Earth Shoes*

Earth Shoes employ the concept of negative heel. The heel of the shoe is lower than the sole, thus constantly stretching the backs of the legs, thus relieving muscle spasms in the back of  the leg. Unlike regualr shoes made with the heel elevated, earth shoes constantly exercise the backs of the legs, available… Read More

He lives in my body, but not a roommate*

In order to observe, scrutinize and somehow; keep it off, you have to start a long journey, full of surprises and unexpected difficulties. I know as long as 5 years. He lives in my body and in my IO but not a tenant, is an intruder who claims forcefully manager of my being. It is subtle, silent, inclement… Read More

Ms and pregnancy*

hi everyone, I'm 29 years old and my husband And I are starting the process of having a little one. I'm faced with a dilemma. Initially my neurologist said go off all my medications for one month then try to get pregnant. He referred me to a high risk ob. She stated that she has done research and has had… Read More

Faith and MS*

Fearless, Fearful and the Journey Back Again—3rd draft   I was fearless.  I had the world by the tail.  I knew what I wanted and went after it.  I was successful and felt good about my life.   A brief recap of my life shows that I was an athlete in an athletic family.  I am the middle girl between… Read More