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that is not funny,, giggle anyway any opportunity to laugh at circumstances and life, giggle. i tripped over nothing, giggle i tripped over something, giggle if there is one thing to remember, it is to giggle we ate chicken instead of turkey yesterday and i overcooked it because i forgot i had the timer… Read More

Is it I can't or is it I don't want to?

   I have been going over and through my life, the one I have lived and the one I am now living & this made me start making a list. The of I did before, the one of I can't any more, & the one of I don't want to's and this list has gotten vary long, much longer then I have ever geussed.    The list of I did… Read More

what if you can't find you???*

 What if one day you awake and nomatter where look you can not find "YOU" not the the old you, not the new you. Just not you well this has happened to me, I don't really know me anylonger. I have people that tell me that I am here, the same as I have alway been but I have a hard time with that, I look the… Read More

What to say & what not to say!!!!! *

   I tend to say what is no my mind without thinking it may offend someone else. This not who I am, but sometimes I can't stop myself and the next I know I am out of line.So I am sorry for that and maybe it would be better if I just went back to my cave and not try anymore!!So it has been fun and a learning… Read More

Talking to your kids about MS*

I would love to hear from others who have grade-school kids (or did when newly diagnosed) about how you talked to your kids about MS. I am newly diagnosed and we haven't chatted with our kids about any of it yet. My dominant hand/arm are affected, and the kids know I have a "bad arm", so they are careful around… Read More


This my first attempt to reach out for help to find ways to help a person and caregiver with normal, daily tasks.  My wife has had MS for over 20 years now and her symptoms have progressed to the point that she cannot perform her own transfers and all daily activities are difficult.  Of course, the older I get,… Read More


I read the post putup by all the others and it makes me start thinking, "Do I really have MS" or is it something else, or is something really going on with me? I have a lote of the symptoms of MS but they never change they never get any worse or better they are just alway there. I have a real hard time… Read More

Lifestyle change*

So, now that I have a confirmed diagnosis I am scared and not sure what to do.  The Solu-Medrol makes me super emotional and just weird, so I've been sleeping as much as I can, which has then just made me depressed.  I have read so many different articles and research about diet alternatives to treatments… Read More

Discovering part me........*

Yesterday started off about the same as everother day for me. But last nite saw a part of me is not the me I always bn, last nite I saw a mean out of contrll me. my babymy 13 almost 14 little gril was haveing a vary hard nite, her hours of a homework prodject got ruined and would have do it over she had… Read More


Sorry I haven't been as active on this website lately. Having a pretty sharp decline over the last month and I have not been able to adapt to it yet. Taking a lot out of me, but I'll figure it out eventually. I'm a bit more active on Facebook and there is a link to my page in my profile if anyone here… Read More

As so many have asked me..........*

 I am asked this by so many I figure why don't I just make a list and check it twise!!! So here it goes.    Fatigue--- Ah yes but only when I really want to do something.   Numbness--- yep mostly in my right leg and foot and it is most always there.    Walking(gait)--- Always my right leg &foot went… Read More

taking two......*

page two........   This is the part that I neglected to add to my post, but needs be here just to be clarified. when I say to take control of you and your life I never said it would be easy. Let me bring everyone up to speed with where this is comeing from, I was in vary bad car accident in November 2012… Read More

Work Leave*

So, as of Tuesday I was put on a 30 day medical leave mostly for my newest symptom, optic neuritis.  This has been going on now for 4 weeks.  Well I teach high school English and it really got to me when it looked like a paint brush had smeared my canvas.  It got frustrating and down right embarrassing, as… Read More

Taking control.......*

  Okay so now is my trun, my chance, my life not as I knew it but as I will make it. I was and alway's want to be active, never stopping, never letting some one else do it for me not ever until I was told that I suffer from MS. That day almost two and a half year's ago knocked me to my knees, not knowing… Read More


  I ask this of myself almost everyday. I have looked back at my life to see who has been my inspiration's. This is what I found. It starts with my mother who at times encouraged me and always had my back. But her inspiration came the day when I walked to the kichen and found my mom sitting at the table with… Read More

"MS isn't..."*

Hi everyone! I am Faith Gutzman and I live in Columbus, OH. MS has not directly impacted my life but I have watched it impact my father's. Currently, I go to the Columbus College of Art & Design and am finishing my Advertising and Graphic Design major. One of my final projects is to pick a non-profit and… Read More