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Inappropriate behavior

Knowing there is a problem is the first step in solving it. Triggers are actions or words thaat evoke automatic inappropriate responses, I know where it comes from, my childhood, big deal so what, irrelevant, correcting it is another issue. Being a victim was easy when one was the smallest, not the first nor… Read More

My teen with MS*

My son is 16 and has had MS since oct of 2013. Up unitl now we have been handling it well as a family and his daily injections have been working. Lately though, he has been really irritable and has been directing all of his anger towards me ( his mom) and try as i might to reach out and keep those lines of… Read More

Is it MS insomnia or MS fatigue?*

Up all night from insomnia again...which reminded me that I posted the below discussion in the MS fatigue group and not in discussions the other day (insomnia then too), so I am reposting it in discussions now. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone - a disgusting 32 degrees in Central Ohio this morning… Read More


I was staying with a friend that I've known since childhood until I found an apartment. Unfortunately my MS had other plans for me. It decided to get progressively worse to the point where I could no longer go up & down the stairs anymore. So I had to make other arrangements. I had thought I found a place… Read More

Mother in law in final stages of MS

Hi Everyone, Im new here and we are struggling helping my mother in law who is in the final stages of MS. The MS has left her pretty much house bound. She is registered blind and struggles with her back, she cant even go to the corner shop without risk of collapsing. Lately shes been rather depressed and… Read More

Sunlight and MS*

Some famous doctor somewhere said if you get 3800 IBU of vitamin D daily you cannot have an MS attack...I wonder how your life was before MS was diagnosed? Did you grow up spending much time at home? Or were you so busy at indoor hobbies or school or work, you could not get out much? Or this vitamin D part… Read More


Have anyone post relapse able to get back to pre-relapse self? I used to walk 8miles 3x a week. I was wondering If I can get back to speed walking. Im walking without cane now. Thanks to therapy! Read More


I have a sister who has progressive ms and has had ms for 16 years We are looking for some type of housing assisted living place for young people she is only 48 but needs full time assistance we are in  the volusia county area of Florida could yo please help me. thank you, concerened sister Read More

Feel so down..*

I have been feeling so down lately and don't know what to do. My doctor took me off my medicine so the pain is horrible. My bills are pilling up and get more expensive, I'm working over 80 hours every two weeks. I can't get back in school because of my medical bills. How can I pay these bills off? Read More

Physical Therapy *

Hello, My name is Cynthia, my Mom has had MS for 15 years, she lives in Freeport, NY, I need assistance to try to find programs that will offer free or low cost Physical Therapy, she is on Medicare, so she is only allowed 20 therapy sessions per year, and let me tell you that is not enough. Any help would be… Read More

Our best crop

Whenever we are asked what we grow on our farm the answer is always the same, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. The first year we lived here I had 'poison ivy' five times. I new poison ivy and could recognize it but the other two I never heard of. Here, the Mennonites use alcohol to control the ivy… Read More

Living with MS*

I was DX with MS Dec 2007... I tried Avonex took it every Friday (made me feel like I had the flu all weekend) took Copaxon (looked like a battered wife bruises every where) stopped that... worked out everyday felt fine put in the back of my mind till now I relaspsed... I slipped on some iced back in… Read More

for wvblueize personality changec*

So, why do you believe you are right and he is wrong? The vulnerable become more aware of their surroundings and how it affects them. They can see their physical, mental and emotional reactions to stimuli. Part of it is an impatience with the mundane, their lives have been reduced and simplified to what is… Read More

MS and herpes *

∫Just wondering if any of you have genital or oral herpes with MS. Has it posed additional problems? I was reading that getting a herpes outbreak can send off crazy signals that trigger an MS flareup. Just wondering what others' experiences with this have been. I'm not sure if you can private message me if… Read More

Coping with emotions.*

How do cope with too much emotions? Do they cause flares? I am scared to tell my daughter about my diagnosis because she would cry, be sad, anxious and in turn I would be anxious/sad for her...  I get emotional on things... is that bad for MS? How about anxiety? Most of my flares seem to be related… Read More