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Daily Life

Dear IT Persons,*

Please restore the streaming of individuals posts in the Profile function. It makes it easier and less time consuming to find someone's post instead of going through every post for days. Thank you. Read More

Mortality *

I was diagnosed In December 2017. I am just now starting to accept this thing. Yet one thing I can not shake, is the realization of my mortality. I know everyone goes through, and i know this is not a death sentence but it brought my understanding of death to the forefront. When I go out in to the world it all… Read More

Daily life*

Hello, I am looking for people who have lived with MS for years and could answer simple questions I have about daily life, parenting, activities, healthy food habits (I don't have any) along with help with some experience about how to self treat some systems I have numbness and tingling sometimes hard to walk… Read More

Ah the little thing’s,*

  Ah the little thing’s I have alway’s for granite in my everyday life. Little thing’s that I would just do without even thinking about it, as in fixing something to eat and then really abel to eat it instead of warning it? Or maybe it’s trying to fit in with crowd and try and not look like an odor fool and not… Read More

How do you cope with a foggy head?

Wow, this foggy head of mine seems to be unrelenting.  Just wondering if others here take any meds that have helped with this issue or have suggestions other than rest?  My biggest issue seems to be a wall that goes up in my brain that keeps me from solving problems, adding numbers, remembering details from… Read More

Fear of Losing Mobility*

Good morning, I woke up in the middle of the night, again, so I decided to start this string in order to get some fedback from people that struggled with the same isse as me. Fear of losing my mobility! I have been living with MS for almost 16 years.  Like most of you, I deal with numerous crazy  symptoms… Read More

MS In College

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS 6 months ago, during spring semester finals during my sophomore year. I am now a junior at a very prestigious/rigorous university.  I am having a very hard time living with this disease in general but particularly being away from home. I'm not a fan of needles so it's already tough… Read More

RRMS and Chronic Pain*

Hi I am new here and looking for support. I have RRMS along with a combination of multiple other diagnosis. I am 33 years old now but I have had chronic pain since I was 15 years old. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when I got RRMS even my dr says I may have been living with it for years before I was diagnosed… Read More

Baclofen Pump

I am trying to get some information on the Baclofen Pump. Been taking oral Baclofen for about 8 yrs but maxed out with little helped with lower extremity spasticity. My legs feel like they have bungie cords attached to them. My neuro has suggested the Pump  Does anyone have the Pump and what has been your… Read More

pain & depression worse*

I received my 1st 2 infusions of Ocrevus at the end of December. Now...1 month later, it feels like my pain is worse along with my depression. I spent last night thinking of how I could end all this pain. I won't do anything, but it's just too much for me to handle. My doc suggested Lyrica for the pain but at… Read More

Tired of pain and ms*

Im just so tired of always feeling pain and not being able to do what i use to. I miss running in the park or being able to walk for miles and work hard. Sometimes i have bad thoughts all because everyday i deal with pain. For the last 2years ive been on high dose of prednizone for my breathing and they weaned… Read More

How does MS affect you?*

Hey everyone -  my spouse has SPMS and is struggling a bit at present, but I'm actually seeking your input for something different.  I'm the fundraising coordinator for an MS150 bike team, and I want to promote rider fundraising by making things more personal.  I'd really appreciate your thoughts on how MS… Read More


...the fact or proccess of losing something or someone, is how it is defined, it explains nothing. Webster's thesaurus says: the action of having something go out of one's possession or control. Lost, no longer possessed, irrecoverable bygone dead defunct departed gone vanished absent missing doomed. And… Read More

App for Tracking Symptoms / Life with MS *

Does anyone use an app for tracking life with MS, particularly symptoms? I keep a journal, but would like an easy way to automate it. There are a number of apps available in the Google Play Store (I use Android), but would like to hear your experiences if you've used one. Thanks. Read More

Isolated headaches....

So, I'm having these headaches, but not really the kind of headache I'm used to.  It isn't the typical throbbing sinus pressure headache, or even stress related type. I get these sharp pains that hit hard and fast, but really isolated in size.  Maybe the size of a quarter or a bit larger.  And hits hard enough… Read More

Being Stuck*

How do you let go of the past. How do you begin to weave a new life for yourself. How do you come to terms with the new you. Where do you begin the proccess of becoming a person living in the present, with all the new limits ms has thrust upon you. Can you just stay in the present and appreciate what you have… Read More

Traveling with Disabilities*

Does anyone know of a site or resource for travelers with disabilities?  My best friend's husband also has MS.  He uses a cane most of the time and has recently had a horrible experience at a resort while travelling.  I think it would be beneficial to have some sort of resource for people like us to help us… Read More

Just because *

I come on this sight to get insight and education about MS. Thought it weird that no one has started a new conversation in a few days....holidays right around the corner, end of another year, and no one was "bored" enough to begin one...hmmm. Ok, I'll do it! Last year i was only a few weeks into knowing my… Read More