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Anybody have trouble getting stuck?*

I feel embarrassed by this but i have trouble knowing what i need to do and then doing it. I end up doing nothing but sitting and crying. It's like i hit an invisible wall. Someone can tell me what i need to do, but as soon as i am on my own, it all seems like i cant get there from here. I dont know how to… Read More


   This current attack is not responding to steroids or neuropthy meds. I've been using a walker but can't go far or carry anything. I find out about a wheel chair, hopefully, next week. If I'm only approved for a heavy one it won't help. I don't know how to do things with a wheelchair but I can go further and… Read More


My husband and I are currently looking to downsize to a new home. He's looking at it from what size works for a couple in their 30's with no kids and no interest in kids. I'm looking at it from the angle that stairs make my legs feel like cement bricks. I know logically that if I keep walking the stairs I'll… Read More

Jobs for people with MS*

Hello all, My name is Dave, I do not have MS, however my father has had it for years. He is currently unemployed and doesn't have a stable place to live. Most of this is due to his illness and not being able to work, but also due to his attitude. I'm aware of how difficult it can be to have such a terrible… Read More


I struggle with anxiety. Since my diagnosis in December of 2015 I have become quite a hyprolcondriac. Today I had blood work done and I have a couple of high numbers and tonight feel like I am having more abdominal pain than usual. This is incredibily frustrating to me, I do not know if I should be worried or… Read More

Is "this" is good as it will get!?*

I was diagnosed with MS last December, my neurologist figures i've had this for over a decade if not two. I meet with him Monday to go over my follow up MRI after a few months on Tecfidera...was supposed to do that three weeks ago but due to cog fog was at the wrong office 45 mins away at the right time for… Read More

Kava "Kava'AHHHH!"*

Has anyone tried Kava Kava in any form for muscle spacisity and pain in general?I am experimenting with myself and I am finding this natural, legal herb root to be TREMENDOUSLY EFFECTIVE for my pain and anxiety.I have tried OPK Kava Extract shots, purchased from a local smoke/head shop. And I have ordered more… Read More

What Kind of Bed*

I need to buy a bed because I can't sleep.  I thought about the sleep number bed but read reviews that the equipment that makes the bed work breaks which makes the bed unusable.  Does anyone have a bed suggestion?  Thanks. Read More

Meds vs exercise*

hello, i was dx 3 yrs ago but Dr's said I probably had it since 09.  I'm at a point now the Dr says it may be time for meds.  Do they help, what about the side affects? Read More

For Shanah1975*

==Hello Leonora,  If your children see you are worrying they will worry, if your children see you afraid they will be afraid. The attitude you project will set the tone for your family. Worry I heard, IS THE MISUSE of imagination, so it will benefit you to imagine better solutions to living with ms other than… Read More

Ever have one of those moments*

Where it just sneaks up on you and you find yourself crying over all of this, and you just can't seem to catch your breath, because quite frankly sometimes with this disease you just can't catch a break? It's either the physical pain, being emotionally drained, sick of pills, sick of pills not working half the… Read More

Are you reading this from your bed?*

Hi, my mom has had MS for 8 years and she's now completely bed-ridden. She's looking to connect with others who might be in similar situations. She shared a post about it on her blog, but no one has responded to her, and I know she is very lonely. What's your story? Would you share it with her? Link: http… Read More

Day-to-day, how do you manage? *

While I have been living with MS symptoms for almost a decade, I was only diagnosed last year as that is when I had my first real episode.  I have a fantastic Neurologist at the Montreal Neurological Institute but I find that they really only treat the progression of the illness and do not focus on the day-to… Read More

MS setback.*

Hello my name is Matthew Williams, I am 23 years old & I was born & raised in TX. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when I was 18. I have been able to control it , I've only had one bad episode since 2012. I'm currently taking AUBAGIO & its working it's just around February it hit me hard & I wasn't able… Read More

drugs *

Hi I'm hoping someone could help me out. I was diagnosed on the younger side at age 15. I'm 18 now and I was wondering how alcohol and street drugs affect ms since a lot of my friends participate in such things. I have my medical marijuana card, but I was wondering if alcohol or drugs like shrooms, molly, lsd… Read More