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College, Work, Money!*

My daughter is newly diagnosed with MS.  She is a College Student and works to partially support herself.  She was a caregiver so now she is not working; she needs the caregiver some days!  She is trying to go back to school.  Trying desperately not to take away her independents but don't want to spend all… Read More

Advice needed on daily living*

In a few weeks it will have been 6 months since my diagnosis. My particular MS has had me tremendously disabled and out of work since almost three months prior to diagnosis.  Navigating life on its terms has been a huge challenge since my health to move on one day at a time alludes me...the rug was pulled out… Read More

Service dog assistance *

My balance has become very bad and I have tripped, fallen and stumbled. My husband and I decided to get me a service dog. We did research and realized that for balance I would need a BIG dog. So we found a 2 year old Great Dane. She is such a love, her personality is amazing. Already at home she "holds" me up… Read More

Surreal Mother's Day*

This is my first Mother's Day since my diagnosis back in Dec 2016, my mom passed the very next day after this very day when i finally knew the cause of all my MS symptoms i'd had for years. It feels so surreal with tremendous loss and emptyness is apparent. Although my mom and my relationship was strained there… Read More

Diet *

I have read about two completely different t diets to help reduce symptom progression one full of protein (Whals) and second a low fat low meat diet. Both are full of fruit and veggies. What has everyone else decided to do? And had it made a difference in your symptom progression? Thanks Read More

Govt red tape nightmares*

I've heard some stories about it but never experienced it like i did this week. Due to my MS i stopped working in Sept 2016...was diagnosed with MS in Dec 2016. At that time my neurologist got me a handicap placard. In late Dec 2016 i had to stop driving for safety reasons. My neurologist and PCP had me file… Read More


would love to hear recommendations for shoes/ brands.  I work in corporate America, white collar, but the heels have to go.  Dansko?  Allegra?  Biggest issue currently is not balance, it is pain in large / big toe joint on both sides.  Thanks! Read More


I try to help with cooking or other things around the house I used to do, but I can't or I'm having extreme difficulty! I just boiled rice now I feel like I want to lay down! Hopefully I hear back from anybody who has advice or any helpful hints. Read More

RRMS and Chronic Pain*

Hi I am new here and looking for support. I have RRMS along with a combination of multiple other diagnosis. I am 33 years old now but I have had chronic pain since I was 15 years old. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when I got RRMS even my dr says I may have been living with it for years before I was diagnosed… Read More


Hi! I'm new to the platform and will be starting my profile soon, but I just felt really called to put my question out there. I know a lot of people with autoimmune disorders, but no one with MS. Everything I read and follow are people with an MS diagnosis. So, I am wondering about those like me who are living… Read More

Probable MS Diagnosis

Hi~ Since July 4th I have had symptoms that have let me to a probable Diagnosis of MS.  My neuro is having me get one more MRI - this of my neck and if she sees lesions she will diagnosis as MS.  This started as possible Lyme Disease but the test result was read incorrecty by my dr and was actually a False… Read More


My early childhood religious training influenced me in accepting that suffering was 'holy' as my tool for reaching a goal of a good person or eternal happiness. ​More than 50 years later I was fortunate enough to have a therapist tell me that it was okay for me to give myself permission to free myself from… Read More

Bad posts*

Can we please stop the posts that are X-rated on this site.  We all have problems here, and these posts are an afront to the real symptoms and help that people seek here.  Please! Read More


Hi everyone I'm new to all of this. I written and composed this song to raise awareness of are daily life and struggles, here's the link if use are interested, I hope use all like it and please go ahead and share as much as use like, my life has changed so much and things dnt seem… Read More

Opening up about your illness*

How do you open up to others about your illness?  I have had had such a hard time opening up and letting others know... no I am not mad, or sad I'm just in pain and can't sit there and laugh at your jokes today. It almost makes you feel bipolar or unstable because some days I'm excited/ happy but other days… Read More

Pain *

I am really at my "wits end" in how to manage the chronic pain from MS. My lower back has felt like it is being squeezed with a belt for over a year. Now my knee is so tight and painful that if I have slept with it bent, I can barely straighten it. The pain is now affecting me every time I move. Also getting… Read More