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Hi! I'm new to the platform and will be starting my profile soon, but I just felt really called to put my question out there. I know a lot of people with autoimmune disorders, but no one with MS. Everything I read and follow are people with an MS diagnosis. So, I am wondering about those like me who are living… Read More

Probable MS Diagnosis

Hi~ Since July 4th I have had symptoms that have let me to a probable Diagnosis of MS.  My neuro is having me get one more MRI - this of my neck and if she sees lesions she will diagnosis as MS.  This started as possible Lyme Disease but the test result was read incorrecty by my dr and was actually a False… Read More


My early childhood religious training influenced me in accepting that suffering was 'holy' as my tool for reaching a goal of a good person or eternal happiness. ​More than 50 years later I was fortunate enough to have a therapist tell me that it was okay for me to give myself permission to free myself from… Read More

Bad posts*

Can we please stop the posts that are X-rated on this site.  We all have problems here, and these posts are an afront to the real symptoms and help that people seek here.  Please! Read More


Hi everyone I'm new to all of this. I written and composed this song to raise awareness of are daily life and struggles, here's the link if use are interested, I hope use all like it and please go ahead and share as much as use like, my life has changed so much and things dnt seem… Read More

Opening up about your illness*

How do you open up to others about your illness?  I have had had such a hard time opening up and letting others know... no I am not mad, or sad I'm just in pain and can't sit there and laugh at your jokes today. It almost makes you feel bipolar or unstable because some days I'm excited/ happy but other days… Read More

Pain *

I am really at my "wits end" in how to manage the chronic pain from MS. My lower back has felt like it is being squeezed with a belt for over a year. Now my knee is so tight and painful that if I have slept with it bent, I can barely straighten it. The pain is now affecting me every time I move. Also getting… Read More

Ice cream for all*

Please tell me I am not the only one who feels life is to short to waste after you are told you have MS. The little issues do not matter as much. You know now where your energy and focus needs to be put towards. For me it is things that have real meaning for yourself.  I stop getting upset at my husband for… Read More

One Day At A Time*

The trend i hear is one day at a time stress reduction. The glass can be half full while i cherish the small joys as i muddle through the mess. Many times i break it down to one moment at a time...especially when i get overwhelmed with 6 things at a time. The past is history, the future is but a mystery and… Read More

Finding people who get it....*

Since having MS is complicated most people don't have any real understanding about what's up with pepole who have MS. It's difficult to find a way to express how MS is making me feel sometimes. I've tried to explain but always seem to fall short. It's become obvious that I need to connect with others that have… Read More

For Nicole_S

After all these years i am curious and wonder if you can find out some statistics about the National MS Society. ​How many calls do they get a day ​Are their statistics sorted by, financial aid questions, referrals, support groups, mental health etc. ​I am nosy and want to know what the ms society is doing… Read More

Diet and MS*

Hi!  Do any of you know what changes in my diet would help me?  The "professionals" here say there is no diet for MS, just have a low-fat high-fibre diet...with extra vitD of course.  I eat salad and fruit more, and lower-fat snacks.  I find high fibre doesn't help for me like it should because my intestinal… Read More

At 70*

It would seem relevant when looking back over the years that ms would be prominent, but it is not, the most important 'things' in my life over 70 years has been the two significant relationships which have brought joy into my life. Second to them has been studying economics, that has taught me what makes the… Read More