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Quality of life?*

How do you find quality of life?  The isolation and lack of vision to see any light in the tunnel of this disease, leaves me feeling more and more hopeless. I was diagnosed around 2009....was on Copaxone....has to change due to injection site reactions...then on to Tecfidera, which was awesome.....but… Read More

Dating Someone with MS*

Hi everyone, I am a 30 year old latina woman living in Canada, I am writing you guys tonight because I need some serious advise, a couple of months ago I went on a date with this guy, this was actually the best date I have ever had, the connection, the talks, everything, there and then he told me he had MS, I… Read More

Copaxone-Morning or Evening *

I am about to start my Copaxone injections, but was curious to see if people prefer the mornings or the evenings to inject. Is there a better time of day to do it?  Does it take up a lot of time to prepare, give the shot, and then ice/heat the area?  I feel like it would probably work best in my morning routine… Read More


Hello, my name is Kelsey and I was recently diagnosed with MS as of the beginning of January 2017. I am 23 years old and never had other medical issues before this. Now I am trying to get into a routine again and live my life to the best of my abilities. One issue I face a lot is having off days. I will have a… Read More


My daughter in Scotland wants me to come live with her. She's working on getting the visa for me to stay. But in the meantime, I want to just take the trip over there and back to CO, home. Any suggestions for overseas travel etc.? I was diagnosed last October and I'm 65. I thought I wae too old to get MS… Read More

anger, outbursts from husband with MS*

I don't think I can deal with this any longer. My husband has severe outbursts he says it is from the steroids byproducts from the steroid break down that are still in his brain tissue. His MS is neurological and thus affects his brain. Last Thursday he charged into me all of a sudden started arguing about… Read More

Hard to discuss*

I am new to this site but after reading many posts I'm pretty sure I'm at the right place. i am One of two caregivers for my best friend who has Progressive MS the last 20 ish years. She has the best specialized neurologist in Montreal and is well covered in the meds department with anti depressant , baclofen … Read More

Travel with MS*

I have recently returned from a trip to Seattle to see my son and his family. Traveling across the United States is tiring if you have a chronic disease or not. I've had to do things differently now since  MS affects my mobility. Below are some wonderful resources for anyone looking for travel tips.I have begun… Read More

Getting from HERE to THERE!?*

I was diagnosed several months ago after years of being told my "ailments" are all in my head!! I've been doing the drill and attempting to find my new "normal"...far from graceful I believe. I've landed well in this many, many ways...yet have hopelessly fallen on my face in others. Started Tecfidera couple… Read More

I'm 16 with MS! (surviving school??)*

Hi, I'm Rachel I'm 16 and was diagnosed with MS last May (2016) . I went blind for about 3 months and since have gone numb in my arms, feet and head...all seems well at the moment however and I guess i'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can relate or help give advice on surviving school or uni with… Read More

MS Resources*

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is my first go to place for information about MS. There are two others that I would like to share, in case these are new to you.   One of the newsletters I get on a weekly basis on Wednesdays is from I really enjoy reading the stories and… Read More

Injection Disposal *

a few years ago Sharps had a free mail program to collect and dispose of the injection waste; about a year ago they stopped the free service; does anyone know of another free service for disposal of injection waste?  They charge quite a bit now for the same service and containers. Thank you for any info; Read More

Trip to the neurologist*

Finding the right neurologist is critical for those of us with multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases.  I have changed neurologists twice since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Once when I had a change of health insurance. And once when I moved to North Carolina.  I have been very fortunate to… Read More


What comes to mind when I say that word? Does it remind you of a balanced meal? One that has whole grains, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Or does it remind you that you need to have your tires balanced on your car? How about doing flips on a 4 inch beam of wood? Or maybe it's a workout, combining both… Read More

Stressful Past?? *

After reading a thoughtful post sharing a very honest exposure of past pains and hurts, it caused me to think about highs and lows throughout my life's journey. Yes, there were stressful periods for sure. I always thought I had an "Ozzie and Harriet" type of up bringing, but looking back, that was a bit of a… Read More

Back in the Pool*

I love to swim. I learned how to swim at age 5. I begin competing at age 8. I continued through the first two years of college.  When I was working, it was difficult to get into the pool on a regular basis.  Now that I'm retired, I've begun going to our local recreation center and swimming three days a week.  I… Read More

My MS and the fun that comes with it. *

Hi Everybody, I am somewhat new to the website even though I was diagnosed in 2013.  I had my first relapse this year. I wasn't feeling well at my job and I asked if I was able to go home early but I was asked to "Stick it out and hang in there" because we were short-staffed. After an entire shift (i work in… Read More


A funny thing happened  a while ago. My mother likes to be warm, and I'd like to be cool. (I moved 2 1/2 years ago to assist my aging parents) As many of you know, MS and getting overheated it's not a good situation!So it was a warm day, and my mother doesn't like to put the air conditioning on because she gets… Read More

The way is used to be*

Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum as well to MS.  So far it hasn't effected my way of life to bad other than one of my favorite hobbies, shooting.  I seem to have trouble with trigger pull i never used to have.  Are there any fellow shooter out there? Read More