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  • justjude68
    MS = Multiple Sclerosis or My Savior I choose the latter. Loving yourself as God loves us-unconditionally-is what helps us not to blame or shame ourselves for the diagnosis of what the flesh says, "It's all my fault...if only...why, why,why?" and so on. I believe the acronym "MS" can become, to those of us struggling with toxic thoughts, "My Savior". For me that is the new covenant from Jesus which is Grace.
  • prwestbrooks
  • mhill2924

    prwestbrooks wrote: Amen!

    I can do all things through Jesus Christ!

  • hai2015

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  • maria1

    "whatever gets you through the night is alright" awomen

  • ggustin01
    Amen sister
  • jeol-mabel
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