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  • maria1
    Please restore the streaming of individuals posts in the Profile function. It makes it easier and less time consuming to find someone's post instead of going through every post for days. Thank you.
  • RQManchester
    I wholeheatedly agree with that request -- you learn so much by reading the COMMENTS and POSTS of an individual person who has some of the same concerns that you do at your stage of MS.
  • justdiagnosed
    How’s things Maria this is way off topic but I shall share some good news I was getting the tysaberi infusion today and was told I’m jc negative after a steady stream of awfull news I can’t argue with half good news take it easy 
  • maria1
    Hey just.........., good news works everywhere, thank you for sharing.

    I am having an, I totally hate that I have ms, day today. Yesterday we worked to prepare food for a friend who came out of the hospital with pneumonia and copd, who lives alone, enough food to nourish for a week. We dont live close enough to get there every day. We exerted ourselves for the well being of our friend, and ours, so we would have no regrets! When I got up this morning I went to mix up my powdered drink that all i need do is add water and stir, and spilled powder all over the counter and floor. I knew today was a useless day for me, that if I emptied the diswasher I would break something, and anything else I attempted to do would be amiss by a mile. And tomorrow will be more of the same. So, today I hate that i have ms, and will prpbably hate it tomorrow too, but our friend has food to nuke and knows it was made with love, and he knows that he is loved, and that is my good news for today.
  • capitolcarol
    Yeah, that is good news.  I have been on Tysabri for three years and even if one become JCV positive it will be a very very low percentage number or whatever they use for quite some time.  
  • Kris-nationalMSsociety

    Hi Maria —

    Thanks for the note. I’m Kris, a National MS Society staff member. We’ve been looking into your request and were not aware of any changes described. Can you please give us some more details so we can pass along the correct info to our developers? When did you first notice this change? And, what page and/or tab use to show the streaming individual posts? Also, there is a My Activity page that is outside of the profile section, which includes 3-tabs at the top, one of them titled My Activity tab ( > User-Dashboard# > my-activity). This area might also be helpful in quickly locating the post.

    Thank you.

  • maria1
    Hi Kris,  On the My Profile Page there was a stream of everything I posted in descending order so I could find something I commented on when I forgot what topic I posted the comment on, and if I went into someone elses profile I was able to access their posts the same way. I dont know when it disappeared, probably before the sign in problems occurred, but could have been before that. Before the posting activity slowed down. thank you.
  • Kris-nationalMSsociety

    Thanks for the additional info, Maria. We are looking into it.