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  • gina1
    Curious if anyone has had success appealing their insurance company denial for this device? I have the Healthcare reform PCIP insurance. Denied the request for a device that will enable me to keep walking, (without tripping) therefore keep working. I am a realtor.
    Honestly I cannot see how they can get away with saying no to something that enables such a huge ability.
  • Kozza90277
    Did the Bioness work for you?
  • Sellsue
    My insurance also denied coverage of this device. 

    My Dr. suggested I contact DARS (Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services). They work with the Disabled in these situations to provide training / devices to keep them in the workforce. 

    Like you my job required covering lots of ground every day. It took six months, but I finally did get the Bioness. It made a huge difference while I was able to use it. 

    See if there's a similar agency in your state. Best of luck. 

  • annavio
    dear Jennifer, sorry but did you buy the device or did you test it for a period? And if you bought it how much did you spend for it? Thanks for your reply Anna
  • stillblessed
    I tried the Bioness for many weeks at a rehab facility being fitted and tested.  We apealled insurance denial of coverage, but no luck.  I bought it hoping for the best (around $1,500), but the nerve in my leg is too hyper-sensitive so I never had consistant results.  
  • mekoontz
    I just wrote a really long reply on this topic on another thread: Assistive devices--Walkaide/Bioness Please read my input there. Thanks.
  • ankit941
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