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Employment and MS

Ready to be an advocate but....*

I was diagnosed last year. I initially wanted to keep having MS to myself, family and those you initially found out. I was unable to keep it from my boss and co-workers, which is no big deal. I would like to become more of an advocate and let others know that I have MS. I am in the marketing profession, more… Read More


Dear MS Connection Member I am a faculty researcher at the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of New Hampshire. I am currently conducting a survey focusing on employment of individuals with disabilities and the role of assistive technology. The survey is designed to examine the usability and… Read More


Hey everyone, I work in a healthcare setting with an extremely strict "point system" (Yeah dont come in and get patients sick, but if you call in we will penalize you to the fullest extent, however that makes sense) As the only thing I have had that connected me to MS were unprovoked seizures, which I am now… Read More

Teachers with MS *

Hello all! I am a 4th grade teacher who was just recently diagnosed. My question is.... did you tell your students about MS? I feel like I should tell them simply because they know I have been through a gamut amount of testing in the last few weeks. I have told my principal and she has been very generous with… Read More


Since 2007 I have been pursuing my accounting degree. While I was going to school I was working full-time, having babies and just doing the everyday thing. 2012 I finally reached the school I wanted to be accepted to and I started the last part of my education. My goal was to be eliglble to sit for the CPA… Read More

Back to school*

Hello everyone, I have recently been thinking about going back to school to become a nurse practitioner. This is such a huge comittment and super scary. I am not just an everyday person working and going back to school. I have this elephant in my room a disease that isn't always kind. Something that can be… Read More

Private Student Loans

I have private student loans I took out in 2004/2005 to get BS-Nursing. I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. With all my regular expenses and adding MS expenses to that, I'm having a hard time paying this loan. I was told it couldn't be written off even if totally/completely disabled. Help, I'm drowning in debt and… Read More

I want to Work Part time from home

Hi, I want to start to work part time from my home. I currently work full time and am asking my employer if I can do this on days that I just cant seem to drag myself to work. Has any one had any issues with this? I am in administration, and this can be done and I work out of a State Agency? dose any one have… Read More


Sorry for the length of this. I have had MS for 12 years but this is my first time joining a discussion a group. Nine months ago I experienced optic neuritis in both eyes and it has not yet cleared up to the point where I can safely drive again. At the time, I went on short-term disability for 3 months and… Read More

The dreaded disability question*

I am starting to apply for a few jobs, and am unsure how to handle the disability question. Technically, i think the answer is "yes, I have a disability" because of my MS Dx; however, there really isn't anything one would know by meeting me. I don't have mobility issues, my hands are working fully again, my… Read More

SSDI & actually living off of it.......*

Hey all, I am new here but wanted to say hi and hope everyone had a better holiday then me :) If anyone can help me out here, I am on SSDI which gives me like next to nothing a month and need a place to live, any suggestions? All resources have got me going crazy!!! I hate doing this my MS loves to confuse me… Read More


Hey Everyone! I am having some issues with one of the women at work. We work very closely together so of course like happens for most people you see the worst of the worst of that person. As an adult you except that you too are not perfect and probably to show her a pretty bad side but when you are having a… Read More

ADA protection without a diagnoses*

I have a question that I am hopeing someone here might know the answer too. Of course a Lawyer would be the expert opinion but maybe some have already dealt with this or know of a source that provides this information.  Lets say that you are in the process of diagnosing your symptoms but you can't do your job… Read More


HI. I'm just in the process of being diagnosed with MS.  I'm 38 and I'm a teacher.  I'd kind of like to see if it is possile to form a network of fellow teachers who have MS.  Please respond to this or contact me privately if you are a teacher.  (currently teaching with MS, or have stopped teaching due to… Read More

What type of jobs are best?*

Hello, I am brand new to this, so please help if you can. I currently work at the mall, which means constant standing, and it's finally to the point where I need to look at other options. My current boss is understanding, but it would be better for both of us if I leave (sales on my part affect how the… Read More


I am 27 years old and was diagnosed 5 months ago. They found 4 prominent and 4 non prominent lesions on my brain. I had to take a personal leave of absense for over a month because of the symptoms.Well since I've been back I've taken several days off because of the MS symptoms. The chronic fatigue and lack… Read More

Back to School?*

In February 2008 I started a business with my parents.  We have a small BBQ restaurant in GA.  Though I had had random symptoms for years, the long hours and the heat started making my body go crazy and I started my quest for diagnosis.  In February 2012, I was diagnosed as relapsing/remitting.  At first I… Read More

Desire to return to work*

Hi all, I am 47 years old have been struggling with MS related fatigue and cognitive impairment since Dec 2013 and went on disability back then. I miss working and feel deflated about not contributing to society. I have contacted the local state Vocational Rehab office to help me maybe land a part-time job. I… Read More

RR going to SP - need a different job

Hello. Seems that MS is progressing from RR (20+ years) to SP.  I'm failing current treatments and am currently on STD.  I would like to continue to work and have a B.S. in Computer Science and am almost done - 5 classes - with an MS in Project Mgmt.  I'd love to work for the cause or in a medical environment.… Read More

Living Abroad in China with MS *

Hi all! I'm 28 years old and am leaving in August for China. I plan to teach English for a year. Does anyone here enjoy travel? Has anyone spent more than a month abroad or have any resources on living overseas with MS? The only hiccup I have at this point is finding a way to get my Gilenya prescription while… Read More