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Employment and MS

Cognitive Changes?*

I've been on the decline for years and have implemented a plethora of changes but I keep getting worse. My speech has gotten so bad I almost never talk anymore (which is really affecting my employment). I fear I'm really close to being let go and am on the hunt again for a solution. I've tried zinc, magnisium … Read More


Hello, I am experiencing a rather sudden change in my mobility. I'm faced with having to go on short term disability and then finding a new job. There just aren't reasonable accommodations that I could request to keep my current position. My big concern is that I am using forearm crutches now and I'm worried… Read More

Being a Working Mom with MS?*

Hello, I was recently diagnosed with RRMS but have not started treatment.  I have had increasingly frequent exacerbations and am fatigued so badly that even on a great deal of medication, the afternoons (2 pm-8pm) I am somewhat bedridden.  It's extreme. Ive been a top salesperson in a demanding field for… Read More

County Employee-Who Should I Tell?*

After experiencing my first "exacerbation" in Apr/May2015 I was officially diagnosed with RRMS in Nov 2015. I'm now facing my biggest conundrum: who do I tell at my work? I work as a full time county employee and have no idea if I need to reach out to the HR department, if any of my coworkers should know, or… Read More

MS and disability?*

Ive been recently diagnosed with MS. My symptoms started in May, I'm numb from the waist down and in my left arm. It's hard for me to walk, have burning sensations in my feet, and optic neuritis as well. I have been out of work since June (not due to MS). My symptoms have gotten worse and have not let up. I… Read More

Second thoughts.. Please HELP*

So... I have what I feel is a great opportunity in front of me. It's a new job offer as an industrial maintenance mechanic. The job is for the most part right up my alley. In the weeks surrounding when I got the offer last week I have been experiencing some symptoms that have me wondering if, how long, or how… Read More


I'm going in to my first winter diagnosed with MS. I'm still dealing with balance issues from my summer flare. And, of course, heat makes me feel sick.  I have a professional position in the corporate world. Luckily, I'm in IT so jeans are allowed. Since June, I've been wearing Clarks flip flops, but I know I… Read More


I was exhausted on Wednesday and felt my MS symptoms acting up so I requested to come in late the next day.  The supervisor doing the scheduling allowed this because i did not have any patient appointments until 930am and our patient census is low.  On Wednesday, I was scheduled along with my entire department… Read More

When is work too much *

Hey guys I just want to put this out there, when is work too much????? I was diagnaosed with MS 3 years ago and I have been back to work for over 2 years now (full time). I currently work 4 days at 10.5 hours and have 3 days off.  Lately I have been finding that 3 days is not enough. I am having trouble… Read More

Disability *

i have been on medical leave since last October and have been receiving compensation through my long term disability policy.  I have just, as in yesterday, received notification that I have been approved by Social Security.  I realize that I will be guided and advised on what to do, but thought I'd ask you all… Read More


Hello everyone, I am trying to return to the job market after five years on SSD, thanks to being in remission and feeling better than I have in years.  Explairing being out of work for so long is, of course, tricky.  I have pretty decent cover letter ready to go, but a friend who works for the company that I… Read More

Disability *

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2010, my doctor believes I've had it since 2005 from past medical records.  I'm 48 years old and have been working in the airline industry for over 20 years doing the same thing. I used to know it like the back of my hand. Now I'm struggling remembering just about everything.  Im… Read More

Advice please??*

So..... I have only been diagnosed a little under 2 years ago but belive I have had symptoms for about 7 - 8 years. Not that the longevity of things has much to do with the question in the end but it is one thing that I for some reason consider when thoughts of how much more I care to bare goes.  I wonder… Read More

Self Employment & MS*

I am considering transitioning from my full-time job to self employment to offer me more flexiblity and independence in my work schedule. Does anyone have any pros & cons to share of being self employed while living with MS? Thank you! Read More

Nurses with MS *

Hey everyone, I'm 27 and was just diagnosed with MS 3 weeks ago.  I'm an ICU nurse at a busy trauma hospital in Baltimore.  I typically work 12hr shift, mostly night shifts (7p-7a) I was out for 2 weeks after my initial diagnosis and attempted to return to work this past Wednesday.  I quickly realized that… Read More