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Employment and MS

Newly diagnosed and disability pay*

Hi everyone I was diagnosed 3 months ago. I got put on disability but then it just recently stopped (even though my doctor put me on for 1 year disability). I don't know whats going because I wasn't informed as to the reason for stopping my pay.  I don't know the routine here in California.  Of course… Read More

Confused and depressed*

OK so I have had MS since 2005. I worked my whole life and tried to get on SSDI but was refused. The judge make it seem like my doctor didn't know what he was talking about. All they did was listen to the states doctors and they only saw me for about 15 minutes. I tried getting a job but they all want to… Read More

First year diagnosed with MS*

I was diagnased with MS october of 2014 with 8 lesions in my brain and 2 in my kneck inactive. I was finally diagnosed after having a bad case of virtigo and thats when they started running all the test and i came out positive with MS. I was out of work the first 3 months of being diagnosed. i've been… Read More


Hi, my name is Marzonna McNeal, and I want to start my own business that centers around people with Multiple Sclerosis. From there I want to begin to find people who know about MS and have them work with me to help give advice, and general information that may help the patients understand their medical… Read More

High school teacher *

I teach at a public high school and have been very concerned about my job security.  I was offically diagnosed (calling it Demeylinating Disease) in April.  I have taken an abundance of time off of work requiring substitutes for my classes.  The time taken off was for sickness, fatigue, MANY appointments… Read More

Something Nice... :) *

I have worked for the same company for 21 years, and hopefully 20 more.... :)  This was written by one of the girls on our MS150 team, and has been shared now with the cycling team, then the whole Houston office, and then to all of our North America resources.  Thought I'd share something nice... :) Our… Read More

Police officers with MS??? *

Sort of cross fiance found out today that he most likely has MS. As of now his symptoms are very mild and do not interfere with his job. Does he have to disclose this to his employer? He is a brand new police officer. Is he able to just continue on until it becomes an issue? Then what happens? I… Read More

"Coming Out" to your employer?*

I just had to go out on medical leave.  Now I had to submit paperwork.  I do NOT want my immediate supervisor or any of the others in the office to know.  the company main base is in FLA and I am in NY so the paperwork went to the main HR benefits person.  I just don't know how to handle this..............… Read More


Community Health Relations Representative key responsibilities:  Develop and strengthen relationships between health-care providers and the National MS Society to ensure people with MS are connected to the best available resources and healthcare professionals who provide high quality specialty MS care… Read More

future employment *

I am recently diagnosed with r/r ms..I am a student studying human service and wonder if I can take that degree and use it to help other people with ms and also make a lil living? Read More

So it finally happened.*

I knew it was coming and 2 weeks ago, I was fired.   So with my potential diagnosis still up in the air, I knew that my employer had me on the radar due to my many appointments and working in the medical field those appointments clashed with my work schedule and I was let go due to some bogus excuses 2… Read More

Are there any RNs working with MS?*

I want to know how are nurses with MS handling the stress , physical and mental parts of the job? I am a nurse just getting back to work after a lapse. I was diagnosed in jan. and been off since. Im scared of having another lapse. Right now im only working 4hrs and working my way up. I dont know about 12hrs… Read More

To tell or not to tell*

I have not revealed to my employer that I have MS because if I do, I may not be treated fairly and may run the risk of losing my job.  Has anyone else felt this way and if so, have you decided to tell or not to tell your employer about having MS?  Read More


Since 2007 I have been pursuing my accounting degree. While I was going to school I was working full-time, having babies and just doing the everyday thing. 2012 I finally reached the school I wanted to be accepted to and I started the last part of my education. My goal was to be eliglble to sit for the CPA… Read More

New diagnosis & Job issues*

 If ms causes fatigue, memory/alertness, in effects it effects jobs/performance, it happens in a way that it is not viewed as a disability. Like someone was about to lift 100 lbs and something happens that person cannot lift more than 20 lbs its disability. If someone could score 100 in a memory/brain test… Read More

feeling lonely *

Hello everyone I am new to group and would like some help as everyday I sit at home and because of a possible ms diagnoses no one will hire me and I can't go to college as I can't keep my attendance up and because I have bad days I hardly get out I feel so lonely sitting in by myself all day and just don't… Read More

What to do*

I do construction for several companies. I Ive tried to keep it secret that  I ms. I don't think I can hide it any more. Should I apply for a disability or try to keep working? Read More

Retiring from work *

I am going to be "retiring" from my job June 12. I have been working for an incredible physicians group as a nurse for 7 years, and it grieves me to be leaving, but I just need some time. I have now, after many tearful conversations with my incredibly suppotive physician bosses, decided to take a leave of… Read More