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Employment and MS


I was diagnosed with MS in 2010.  My job has been in the food industry.  I worked in a restaurant for 18 years.  It is working on my feet for 6-8 hours a day.  My hours were also reduced so I would no longer receive medical benefits.  I looked for 2 1/2 years with the help of Goodwill to find a job in an… Read More

Terminated from my job because of my MS*

I moved to Washington state for a new career opportunity. After a couple months of working at the refinery my leg started to feel numb and my balance was a bit off. I made an appointment with my doctor and he requested an MRI. The MRI showed that I have MS. My neurologist said that I could still work with… Read More


I've been out of wrok since September 3, 2014, and I'm trying to return to the work force.  My problem is this I'm not sure if I can do what I was doing before and actually very scared of the outcome if I can't.  Any suggestions on where to go for rehabilition into the work force. Read More


I was fired last month from my position.  I have sent in the paperwork to the EEOC for discrimination. Oregon is an at will state, so I am not sure what will happen.  This is a new journey for me- one that I never expected to be on.  I am ok financially for now- and will be for a few months.  I do fear… Read More

Lost all benefits and workload changed*

I have worked for over 30 years in same place. They begged me to work here at the time.  Now, they have grown so big and are now a big corporation which I must take some credit for.  We are healthcare.  Now one of my original bosses has retired and moved to another state.  A few days later, the "corporation"… Read More

Finding work*

I was recently laid off permanently after 15 years at my job.  I am 60 and I can't find a job.  They now ask if you have a disability on the app.  If I say no and they have relapse issues while at work I could be fired for false information.  I've put at least 100 applications and not one response.  I've… Read More

I quit my job to keep from being fired*

I am not working now. My doctor gave me a restriction note for my job (what I can and can't do). I was cashiering in the food area. They found a problem with my cash draw and the first 2 times it was my fault but my cash draw kept coming up short a month later over and over. Almost every week and each time… Read More

My Boss is Being Rude....*

Ok when I returned to work after being diagnosed , my boss noticed i have a walker and caneto use for whenever and asked me to hide it so her boss wont make a big deal out of it ........yeah . I told her no and that i cant get fired for having a disability. She kinda shrugged her shoulders then left. I do… Read More

Just put in my two week notice...*

I can't even get throuhg a 5 hour shift. I feel completely unreliable to be there when they need me. I didn't want it to get to a point where they will have to let me go so I just decided to put in my two week notice. Scary stuff but in a way I'm releived because going to work was like prepairing for a… Read More

RE:What to do*

A little about me: I live near Los Angeles, I began working for the county in 1985 and I was diagnosed with MS in 1998. I am not currently on a treatment, but I was previously on Betaseron. My employers are aware (I am pretty open about my MS), and I apply every year for FMLA. I joined up here because I… Read More

Teaching abroad with MS*

I am currently in the process of applying for teaching positions abroad. Are there any of you that have taught abroad and have MS? I am wondering if it is worth the time to apply if I have to disclose that I have MS. I am still physically capable of doing the job requirements.  I am curious if anyone knows… Read More


Hi, i have been newly diagnosed with MS in February 2014.  I work in a public school as a speech language pathologist, currently at an early childhood/prekindergarten center, so my students are 3-5.   Treating them is not the problem, it distance I need to travel to transport the students from their… Read More

RE:asking for accommodations*

Thank you Kris. My immediate supervisor has been very understanding and accommodated the reduction in hours without hesitation. My Human Resources department did provide me with closer parking for 90 days.  At the end of the 90 days they requested that I get a disable parking tag if I still needed closer… Read More

FMLA: Intermittent vs. Continuous

Hi. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on why an employer might subtly and repeatedly suggest intermittent leave vs. continuous leave under the FMLA? My wife has recently had to request time off under the FMLA for treatment and recovery from a recent "relapse" of her RRMS. The HR people she is working… Read More