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Family and Friends

time with family*

Does the feeling of hurt, lonelyness, abandament and worthless ever get better.  When your family goes on vacatins or day trips without you?  Because they can't ever take you were there going. Read More

Where Are All My Friends???*

I use the word "friends" somewhat sarcastically, but ever since my MS took me out of the workplace all the people that used to call, email, invite me to functions, etc. seem to have all dried up.  Whats that all about?  I didnt think that just because I wasnt in the workplace that things would change to this… Read More

Passing on a faulty immune system?*

I am curious if any other parents on here with MS have little ones with immune system issues? My 7 year old has had issues with a very weak immune system, he cannot recieve his vaccinations because every time we try one he has terrible reactions: for example when he got the rotovirus vaccine after birth it… Read More

Family as caregiver?*

Hi. I'm new here and also newly diagnosed so forgive my bumbling around please :). My daughter just called and said she heard that family members can get paid to act s caregivers sometimes. But she had no idea how to look into that sort of thing. Since she's kind of in a weird personal spot right now and I'm… Read More


After my diagnosis in 2009, my husband and three young men were very worried & read a lot about MS, bought books, began cooking healthier foods etc, etc..... Now I have become a " Nuisance ". The reason we can't have fun outdoors, I take too long to get dressed, "Why are you depressed? You have everything… Read More


Feeling very alone. My family acts as if they do not care about my diagnosis or they are in complete denial. I do not really have any physical sings of the disease, but have had significant cognitive decline over the last couple years. Memory and language is becoming more difficult and they seem generally… Read More

Help Stay Positive? *

Hi Everyone- I am new here. This is my first post, but I am so happy to see that there are so many others out there that are willing to share their story. My husband was diagnosed with MS just last week. It started with blurry / double vision, a lack of balance, and numbness in his hands. About 6 weeks… Read More

Relationship advice *

My mother has had PP MS for around 28 years. I've just recently been diagnosed with RR MS and kind of find myself in uncharted territory at the age of 28. I've been dating this woman for 6 months now. Most people I've talked to know when they've found the one they're going to spend the rest of their lives with,… Read More


I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2012. Early on when I shared my diagnosis with someone I know, they'd often respond with: "Oh, (insert someone else they know) has MS." It was a predictable and understandable response. But, more often than not, the person they described either has a more… Read More

Husbands of wives with MS*

I would like to hear how you took the news of your wife's illness. I waited 3 months to get an appointment with one of the premier neurologist on the East coast to get a second opinion on my diagnosis. My appointment was this past Monday... Monday morning he wasn't feeling well and by the time it was time to… Read More

Balance Dogs*

Great Dane Balance Dog Does any one have experience with Great Dane Balance Dogs? I use two canes and I was wonder if a Balance Dog would help me with mobility and get me out of the house to take the dogs for a walk I am 6 ft 2 Inches and 190 lbs humm might be better off with a Balance Donkey Read More

Parent with MS*

My mum has suffered from MS my whole life, I am 19 years old. The last few years she has really deteriorated. The physical side, she currently uses two walking sticks and if going out the house has to mainly use a wheelchair I can deal with, its the personality and memory I am really struggling to cope with. If… Read More

Feeling unreasonably irritated*

Hello to anyone who reads this... I honestly appreciate your time and energy. I've been dx'ed for about 4 years. Up until recently, I didn't feel like I had the emotional fortitude to talk with my parents about MS or listen to them talk about their feelings. They don't know much about it... they have done… Read More


This week has been particularly stressful for me. Loved ones often cause us the most stress ;( I struggled when deciding whether or not to share about it, but I think it's important to for me and for others who go through this same kind of stress, or any stress for that matter.… Read More