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Family and Friends


I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2012. Early on when I shared my diagnosis with someone I know, they'd often respond with: "Oh, (insert someone else they know) has MS." It was a predictable and understandable response. But, more often than not, the person they described either has a more… Read More

Husbands of wives with MS*

I would like to hear how you took the news of your wife's illness. I waited 3 months to get an appointment with one of the premier neurologist on the East coast to get a second opinion on my diagnosis. My appointment was this past Monday... Monday morning he wasn't feeling well and by the time it was time to… Read More

Balance Dogs*

Great Dane Balance Dog Does any one have experience with Great Dane Balance Dogs? I use two canes and I was wonder if a Balance Dog would help me with mobility and get me out of the house to take the dogs for a walk I am 6 ft 2 Inches and 190 lbs humm might be better off with a Balance Donkey Read More

Parent with MS*

My mum has suffered from MS my whole life, I am 19 years old. The last few years she has really deteriorated. The physical side, she currently uses two walking sticks and if going out the house has to mainly use a wheelchair I can deal with, its the personality and memory I am really struggling to cope with. If… Read More

Feeling unreasonably irritated*

Hello to anyone who reads this... I honestly appreciate your time and energy. I've been dx'ed for about 4 years. Up until recently, I didn't feel like I had the emotional fortitude to talk with my parents about MS or listen to them talk about their feelings. They don't know much about it... they have done… Read More


This week has been particularly stressful for me. Loved ones often cause us the most stress ;( I struggled when deciding whether or not to share about it, but I think it's important to for me and for others who go through this same kind of stress, or any stress for that matter.… Read More

Confused *

hello everyone my wife and I are trying to start a family and I have secondary progression ms so we are going to try artificial inseminstion which is very expensive and once it does happen I'll be the only one working which is going to be tough with only one income so I'll have to get  another job so I'll be… Read More

Pregnancy and MS*

Hello everyone, In the next few months,  I want to start a family with my significant other. I wanted to see if anyone has any advice for me as far as pregnancy goes with having MS. Right now, I am on Copaxone, but in the next few months I will be starting Gilenya. I know that when you get pregnant, its… Read More

Understanding of the companion / spouse*

MS is a difficult disease to understand and comprehend; especially if you are alone to face it. The sharing of suffering by one's life partner and family, it is essential to continue to fight and have the strength and courage. My partner is my shadow;It is always there to take care of me; encourages me, she… Read More


my wife was diagnosed with ms aug 2011 1 year after we got married she has relapsing remitting ms  she was taking copaxone for the first 9 months then she started getting hives  so the dr switched her over to avonex pen nice getting one shot a week but her iratiabilty / anger level  is driving me away. i dont… Read More

Multiple Sclerosis Benefit Movement*

Hello everyone!I am writing to you all because I have created a movement of my own in order to raise funds for MS. One of my best friends was recently diagnosed, and I need to do something to make a difference. I have designed five different shirts that are currently up and running on, and the… Read More


After a short courtship I was told I had 3 areas of demyelination on my brain which was likely MS. I told my new fiancé and he asked if we could pretend it never happened. Of course I agreed, who wants to admit there is anything wrong with them and or raise 2 kids with something truly wrong with then. We got… Read More

New Diagnosis

10 months after his first symptoms appeared my 25 year old son was diagnosed with RRMS 2 weeks ago. At first he was told he had a brain tumor. Although that was awful news, we both feel like that was easier news to take than the eventual diagnosis of MS. I don't know why. I am angry, I am sad. He is making me… Read More

What should i do?*

I have lived with MS for 17 years! I found out when I was 14 years old.  I went thru alot being that young living with MS.  I am now 32 years old!  I haave been married for 3 years an have 3 kids an a step son.  My nero pulled me out of work almost 2 years ago because my MS is getting worse.  Ever since then my… Read More

This is a little embarassing*

I got married in July of last year, I was doing great with my MS, but know within the last two months, my sex drive has bottomed out. I think it is taxing on my marriage. I came here to find out if anyone else is or has had this problem. If you have had the problem with: 1.  not wanting to have sex at… Read More

When is helping not really "Helping"?*

As a husband I support my wife and help her fight the good fight. The more I do to make her comfortable and engaged in the fight as time goes by I have gotten feedback from everyone in our support system that her energy, attitude, effort, and honesty have plunged. What do you do. Read More

Misinformed Family*

I love my family. If I need anything I know they will try there best to get it for me, but they haven't exactly been there for me through my MS. Recently diagnosed. My MS thus far has been hard. It happened quickly and I am physically getting weaker. My family believes that if I just work out more than… Read More