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Problems? Chapters 2 Weird Happenings

This was the day when I realized something was wrong with me! I could not see! Go forward and find out why, if you will, and will share this experience with you and then you will no, how much strength I truly do have. 😱😱😱😱I awoke this morning but sleep still had me in its clutches. I began to arouse again… Read More

Book Problems? Author MaryEllenCampbell

This was the day when I realized something was wrong with me! I could not see! Go forward and find out why, if you will, and will share this experience with you and then you will no, how much strength I truly do have. As Ever, Mary Ellen  Weird Happenings Chapter 2  😱😱😱😱I awoke this morning but sleep… Read More

Problems? Chapter 1 *

My lips were the first thing to start swelling and then I began to start itching. I screamed loudly to husband. "John. I can't breath." I was calling out to him frantically, screaming more loudly this time, "John," screaming again, this time he was answering and when he heard me, he already knew what was wrong!… Read More

Traveling with meds*

Hi Everyone  I am going to be doing a lot of traveling for work soon and was wondering if anyone has tried any cooler bags to keep their meds cold. I have the traveling in the truck figured out (12volt fridge). It’s the plane travel that I am still trying to figure out. I fly back every 2-3 months to get 2-3… Read More

Very frustrated*

I just do not know what to do. Every symptom I have read I have had almost. As I am writing this my face around my nose and lip are numb as usual. I went to a neurologist, he could care less. I told him my skin felt like it was on fire if I took a certain medicine for migraine. He had no idea. My left eye… Read More

Frustration *

I am so frustrated while waiting for a diagnosis. I know I have MS, I have all of the symptoms and truly feel it. This has been going on for over 10 years. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I just accepted it and lived my life. Now 10 years later and 100 more complaints, I am patiently waiting through… Read More


Hello to All, I am a new member to the MS Connection Discusstion group. Currently, I am without a neurologist. I was a patient at a large hospital based MS Clinic. Ovverall, I did not have a good experience. I am looking for a neurologist/small practice that has experience with MS patients, preferably nearer… Read More

Medical Coding Errors*

Has anyone else experienced medical coding errors.  I am in the midst of trying to correct an error made by a coder that resulted in an false diagnosis. The medication I take for fatigue requires 6mo visits to the dr.  After a May 2017 visit, I noticed a document in my records that indicated an outpatient… Read More


I'm wondering if other people have this problem or if I'm not doing it right.  When I reply to someone's post, I can't see my reply and I wonder if that means I'm also not seeing their reply to my reply.  Anyone know how I can fix this? Read More

Gastric Bypass*

I'm thinking about having the Gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. I spoke with my Neurologist about it last and he shot it down quickly. I have the feeling that he was giving me his personal opinion rather than his professional opinion. My other Physicians feels it would be a great idea. I have yet to… Read More

Do I really need a wheelchair in Hawaii? *

Hi, my mom is taking my sister, brother and myself to Hawaii. My mom has dementia and wants to go while she can. My sister is renting a wheelchair for my mom and myself and I don't feel so good about that. She says we will be able to see twice as much as I also have arthritis in my feet and tend to walk slow… Read More


Hello everyone. I was newly diagnosed this last Dec. I have been trying to find things to do around where I live to just be around people who have MS or know someone with it but it is harder than I thought. I do know that a MS Bike 150 is happening but realistically I won't be ready. I haven't been on a bike in… Read More

Health *

  I just completed my 3rd week of going to the gym 4x/wk. I'm stunned at how much better I'm feeling in such a short time. I'm pushing ahead further and this is where I could use some input.   I started looking at the Whole30 program. For those of you unfamiliar, it's a plan that restricts what you eat to… Read More

Starting new meds*

I was on Copaxone until January of last year (it failed and I had a relapse). But right after my relapse I got pregnant. So I stopped treatment while pregnant. I had my first MRI since giving birth and I have 1 new lesion. My doctor wants me to start Tecfidera. I received my meds today and I am absolutely… Read More

Heat Reduction*

One of the most common/universal symptoms of MS is heat sensitivity. Parked cars in direct sunlight are the worst. I've searched for solutions on reducing heat build up in my vehicle many times before, but the solutions have always been tedious or poor. I've never wanted to project my disability on everyone… Read More