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I have had ms for 14 yrs. lately i have been feeling like my hair hurts and i want to shave my head or cut off my long hair. I also feel like throwing out my clothes that feel uncomfortable to put on. Anyonr else ever have this? Read More

Anxiety worsen

I have recently decided to stay home and work no longer. When or if i go out i feel overseas with people to close ot too many by me. Now i do not leave my house only for grocery shopping and dr apps. I feel safe at home. Anyone else have this? Read More

extremely frustrated and need some advice

I am really struggling with a lot of concerning symptoms and not getting anywhere with my doctors. I am actually going to travel quite a few hours to get a second opinion in July. Starting last December I have had extremely strange symptoms. I have had my hand go numb for up to four hours at a time, tingling… Read More

it aint ms*

Here it is the middle of the night, I am wide awake in an emotional crisis. One of the upper front teeth broke and can be capped, but the DDS says that the other upper front teeth will also fail eventually and the problem with waiting to cap the rest of the teeth is that matching the color will be difficult so… Read More

Re: Continue with graduate education?*

There is one question to ask yourself: If you dont try, how will you feel? Will you regret missing the opportunity? Whether or not you achieve your goal of getting the phd is secondary. It is not a matter of succeeding, it is a matter of giving it a shot, using your best effort, giving it a go. So you will not… Read More

Levothyroxine and spasms *

Hi all, I'm Jez from the UK. I was diagnosed with mild MS in 2002 (i probably should have joined here sooner) and thankfully since 2002 it's been benign with just a limp and fatigue and a few minor symptoms and no progression or change.  But lately I've been getting spasms in my foot (no change in walking or… Read More


Hello everyone, I recently had an MRI of the spine and for the first time my legs were twitching a lot and my body heating up while I was in the MRI machine. Has this ever happened to anyone? I've had MRIs before but this had never happened to me before. It was kind of scary. Read More

Happy 4th of July everyone!*

All, I hope everyone has an enjoyable & safe 4th of July! Remember to stay cool & hydrated while you celebrate America's Birthday. May all your party's be filled with friends and family. Also please be careful if your going to go see or use fireworks.  Happy Birthday America!!! Read More

Learning about MS*

Hey guys, I'm a student who's taking an anatomy class at school. Part of the class is a a chronic condition project in which we have to learn about a certain disease. The chronic condition that I got assigned to is MS, and I was wondering if you guys would be willing to share your experiences with MS :) .  Read More

How long have I had MS???*

I've been dealing with spinal stenosis and other health issues that I am really unaware of when my MS started.... I know that March 2019 when I was diagnosed I already had over 15 lesions on my brain . How long have I had this???  Read More


Have you seen any benefit to your life on this site? Have you been surprised by anything you have learned here? Has this site made a positve impact on your life with ms? Do you think this site is valueable and worthy of your time and energies? What would you change on this site if you could? Do you appreciate… Read More

Finding a Doctor*

Hi there,  I was diagnosed with MS about a month ago and in that short time I've been appalled by my MS neurologist. I won't bore you all with the details but she's extremely unprofessional and has flat out lied to me multiple times, so I'd like to find a new doctor, fast. The MS Society kindly sent me a list… Read More

My Past Life when I worked*

I worked since I was fifteen years old. I loved working being independant and having my own money. So how did I get into my position that I am in now? And how can I fix it? I was diagnosised in 2012. I worked about 2 years after that. Then, I thought I was doing the right thing by medically retiring. I was in… Read More

Flying *

I am 65 and recently dianosed with MS.  I have lost all function in my left leg and now have to use a scooter to get around.  Has anyone flown while taking a scooter?  If so how hard is it?   Read More

Flying *

I am 65 and recently dianosed with MS.  I have lost all function in my left leg and now have to use a scooter to get around.  Has anyone flown while taking a scooter?  If so how hard is it?   Read More


Hi- ON 8/2012. Diagnosed 11/2012.  Vision better 10/2012.  BUT now when I read or look at a computer for more than 30 minutes my vision goes blurry.  I do see an Optical Nuerologist, she gave me glasses that help a little.  But I still feel like I was punched in the eyes after reading.  It makes me sad… Read More


Join Us! The National MS Society is hosting a live Facebook event Thursday, September 26 called Pathways to a Cure from 2-3pm ET. More info here:Facebook Live Event UPDATE: Event is over but you can still watch the recording on Facebook. And, if you watched it, what did you think? Read More