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Cycling for MS!!*

Hello Everyone! I would like to announce I am registered for "Buckeye Breakaway".  My goal is to raise as much as I possibly can but at least $500+ for those affected by MS.  I will be cycling 62 miles one day and 75 the next, this is because I have seen what MS can do not only to a person but their families… Read More

Young at diagnosis *

Hello, I'm looking for help and support. In novmeber i will be marrying my best friend and soul mate. For 3 years now i have learned about as much as i'm able to process about RRMS but i'm having trouble finding people to connect with. My finance is only 23. She was diagnosed at 17. I, myself, am 27. I'm… Read More

Lower back pain*

  I know exactly what's causing my lower back pain. It's my messed up gait. I'm concerned I'm doing real damage but don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions would be great! Read More

Announcing a MS meetup group in NYC

Hello everybody, I've started a new group for people with MS in New York City (surprisingly there wasn't one anywhere in NYC) and if you're interested please do join, it's free! - Looking forward to meeting you! :-) Thanks, ToNY Read More

Search doesn't work *

The bugs in this website are really getting to me. I can search, but when I click on what I want the page is blank. I'm going through each post one at a time and looking for what I want since the search feature doesn't work. I still haven't found it 27 pages deep...useless. GRRR What's the global database… Read More

Shout out to my hubby*

. We went to Chicago to celebrate our first anniversary. For the first time I had to accept that I needed to use a wheelchair for the distances we were planning to cover. It was never going to be emotionally easy for me to cross that threshold, but his grace and humor made it a little easier. I never felt… Read More


No stupid question right?Im finding very little on PLM.What is it?How is it treated and diagnosed, is it contagious?If Yes, if its a virus is it like a cold?How to prevent it.Thank you. BB Read More

obesity and ms*

Hi everyone.  I am wondering if there are any fellow ms diagnosed friends who are also obese or overweight.  I have struggled with my weight my whole life, and now in my forties I am the heaviest I've ever been.  Several hormonal contributing factors and some other things make it incredibly difficult for me to… Read More

Lyme disease?*

I was diagnosed with remitting/relapasing MS late last year. ​With the spotlight recently being  on lyme disease, I wonder, Could I be misdiagnosed as having MS and perhaps actually of lyme disease? From what I understand, the symptoms are very, very similar; but the treatment is very different. So I wonder… Read More


I was diagnosed with RRMS in November 2016, a month before I turned 28. I have had extreme fatigue for years, which I now know is lassitude, and always just thought I was lazy- or crazy. 10 years ago I had horrible migraines for 6 months and then they just suddenly stopped. Turns out that was my first relapse… Read More

New Med due out*

 Has anyone considering or have tried Ocrelizumab? It's due out hopefully end of March. It is heralded to be a break-through drug for secondary, primary, and RRMS. It's not available mainstream yet, but I know there have been many trails. Has anyone tried it or are considering? Why or why not? Read More

Is it Ms or Thyroid?*

Hello All,   I was wonding if anyone else is having issues with their thyroid while having MS? I recently had my routine blood work and for the first time my Thyroid came back high.  I wasn't really sure what it was or its purpose was. Before my doctor told me about it being high, I was telling her how I felt… Read More

Do I get a new doctor?*

Hi all! So I am always thinking about the medication I am currently on. My doctor told me, my first time seeing him when he diagnoses me, that I will be on these medications for life. I don't think that's fair to say at all. (Also, variation is key for fighting any infection-side note). I was diagnosed in… Read More

Site confusion*

Hi, can anyone tell me how to repond to something on the activity feed, but not in the new conversations? I still can't always figure out how to use this site (a bit tech challenged).  Thanks, Linda Read More

Australian Dream *

In my medicine cabinet there is ibuprofen and neosporin for serious injuries. LOL. My mother in law has told me about Australian Dream many times. I kept telling her pain from MS was different and it wouldnt work. Last week she brought me some. I thought what a waste, but whatever. One night my legs were… Read More

Oh no they didnt!!!! *

I need help. I went to the TGI Friday restaurant on 2/24/17 in Stafford, TX. The manager Charles came over to my table while I was on a date and accused me of being drunk (in front of my date). He said he could not let me drive and he would call an uber/police. I told him I have a neurological disease called… Read More