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Coming off of Rebif*

I was diagnosed with RRMS August 2003.  I was 44 yrs. old.  I will soon be 58 yrs. old, and I will have been on Rebif for the last 14 yrs.  I have been very stable, except for one minor relapse after the original diagnosis situation.  My concern is this.  Last yr. at my annual MS specialist appt. it was… Read More

ms and sleep*

My wife is in the later stages of MS, (complete care, I'm the caregiver). She already sleeps 11-12 hours per day but now it seems she does better (pain and mood ) if she sleeps even more. Anyone know if OK to just let her sleep more? Input please. Thanks.   Read More


i still started plegridy Saturday. I felt super tired after my first injection. I started developing chills,sweats, and body aches last night. I missed work today :( I slept all day.. I am still super cold and hot at the same time.  Is anyone else on plegridy? And what were your side effects/how long did they… Read More

Social life *

I was diagnosed over 10 years ago, but have spent all those years in semi denial. I never tell anyone that I have ms, except close family. I'm starting to think this has been a mistake, and I'm hoping to hear how you guys are handling it. I don't have any close friends, because fatigue makes it really hard to… Read More

MRI Questions *

Hi, I had an MRI last April and here are the restuts (Periventricular and deep white matter T2 hyperintense lesions, with several periventricular lesions, and a puncatae lesion within the body of the corpus callosum and subtle juxtacortical lesion in the frontal lobe.) I had one done in 2012 and lesions and… Read More


                If you haven't already, I would advise you read my other discussion where I describe my own experience with MS and how therapy animals have positively affected my dad's mental health while he was struggling with his initial diagnosis.             Although people may view being suggested the… Read More

MS, GERD, and other complications*

Hello!  I want to share some of my experiences from the last 3yrs since my MS diagnosis.  It started with reflux and spitting mouthfuls of bile. Also, with ocassional ingrowns on my face, my face skin suddenly became more bumpy. According to the last dermo I've consulted, it was an immune system reaction to… Read More


Hey community. Just guaging interest .... chat functionality seems pretty big to me, and great for conversational stuff. I have seen a kinda "chat" think in some groups but seem pretty weak. I would like to propose we use groupme, there is an app for all phones and works on desktop, and is pretty slick. If… Read More

Training my left hand*

  I had an interesting visit from OT yesterday. Apparently, it is entirely possible to train my left hand (non-dominant) to type without help from my weakened right hand. There are websites that can help me learn. I've already trained my left hand to do a lot of stuff; eat, use a mouse, sew on a button. It will… Read More


I have ms and my Fiance has retinitis pigmentosa which is a degenerative eye disease. We need to take a genetic test to see if our child will be born blind, which the chances are strong that he/ she will be. So the question I have is should two disabled people have a child that could be born disabled? Is it… Read More

Umm, I think I did wrong*

so my health insurance has run out due to me losing my job. I am now almost a month late on my tysabri treatment. Within the last week or so I've  been feeling so sick and I'm wondering if it could be because I stopped the meds so suddenly. Does anyone know much about this? I was only on it for 6 months. I'm… Read More

Unwelcome discovery*

  I have been sick for almost 2 weeks. It's bad enough that I haven't been to the gym in all that time which is unusual for me. I realized today my muscles are actually loose and I'm more flexible. Spactisity is a Catch-22. The more I work out, the tighter my muscles get. But the less I work out, the weaker I… Read More