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  • robertjon
    Hi, I've been overwhelmed with school. With 1 class 4 days a week for a hour, I spend from 8;30-3:00 at the college 5 days a week working on it. Episodes last winter and spring sure took alot cognitively from me! I had a test on chapter 2 (Excel) yesterday. I read the chapter 3 times, did all the projects in the chapter, which are not required, handed in, or graded, did the 8 assignments for the week and made notes on the chapter to study. Though I was satisfied with my test results, (15 out of 18), I`m so use to doing way better with a lot less work! This is my last class for an AA in Applied Sciences. I guess my MS and College is going to exercise what`s left of my cognitive mind. As is said, if you don`t use it, you loose it, like continueing my PT at home now I,ve completed all the appts. I`m willing to do anything I can to find other ways of doing things to assure me success in life with MS. Thanks for listening, Jon
  • bonesman
    Good job, Jon! College and MS can be super tough. Be sure to take advantage of your resources, like the Disability Resource Center and the Counseling Center, if you have one. These resources evaporate after graduating college, so it's good to use those while you have them too. 
  • jhons
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  • kimberlyj82
    I really understand where you are coming from. Things that I learned before MS are right there and ready to rock. New learning seems to take a little longer than it used to… I am actually teaching right now and I’m a grad student. Teaching is a breeze because I am relying on things that I learned early in my career. The grad studies I really have to work for. Keep with it. It will be worth your time and effort.
    Best Wishes,
  • alexsmith84
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  • Rusya27
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  • muneerahmed
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  • isabellellie
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  • andrewdavid123
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