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  • robertjon
    My Excell Instructor has gotten final tests graded! The 30+ hours a week I worked on that class has paid off. I was quite concerned in the beginning due to not being to follow the instuctor then to find out the text book may as well been written in Chinese for as much as I understood it. The final test was 40 points worth 40% of the grade. I got time and a half in the Libraury testing room, which I used every minute. My score was 38.5 out of 40. That put me at 90.13% for the quarter, which is 3.5 grade. The funny thing to me is that 3.5 is a perfectly respectable grade, it will lower my GPA of 3.75. Doesn't bother me a bit, I'm so happy to have successfully completed it. Now I need to apply for graduation.
  • cjtmn
  • bubbadog66
  • maria1
    And Bravo Too!
  • lveglatte
    Well done!!!
  • bettykl
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  • berrykate
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  • nidaamber
    Congratulation to you on your success and achieving the great milestone. May you succeed more in your life and achieve many milestones. I hope students inspired by your story and work hard in your life. I really appreciate your hard work and I hope one day I will be a success in my life and become assignment help experts. Writing and helping is my passion and I am serious about my career and work.
  • Avatar
    that class has paid off. I was very worried first and foremost due to not being to take after the instuctor at that point to discover the course reading should been composed in Chinese for as much as I comprehended it.Buy an Essay Online
  • christopherhardy
    I admire these efforts and all these causes that carried you to this role. Despite the fact that, i would add some more hints and recommendations for extra improvement. Best Assignment Help UK
  • abdulaziz456
    congratulation  on your success and I hope you will do more success in your life and the exam you passed recently that was not easy to complete Best wishes from assignment writing help
  • allendavid
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  • bradshaw48
    Well that’s really a tremendous achievement. I hope that you keep excelling these kind of achievements and this achievement will definitely give you a motivation in your future goals. Academic Writer
  • sharonfrankk
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  • rebeccahickshq
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  • daisyfaith
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  • sabalex
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