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  • ashliejude
    I've been taking copaxone for the last two weeks and while i feel better, I have major injection anxiety. 

    My second injection I slipped because I freaked myself out so I lost half a dose. 😒
    Ive been having my husband do it to avoid any mishaps. But still. 
    It took me an hour to be able to say yes to the shot the first time. 
    Now we are down to 10-15 but it's still hard. 
    I don't know why it's so hard! I know it doesn't hurt, I can't even feel it most times!

    did any of you suffer this? How did you cope?
  • maria1
    When i was going in for cataract surgery I began to have anxiety about the procedure, and i noticed i was beginning to tense all the muscles in my body. Then something clicked in my head: This is going to allow you to see, this is going to make your life better, this is the right thing to do. So like a lamb being led to slaughter, I was comfortable with submission, and it was a snap, and I saw things i never saw before on the road i have travelled for 20 years, and even in my own backyard.
  • roostergirl82
    Sorry your shot is worrying you. I am used to taking my shot I take it every morning as soona s I wake up. Ever since Starting it I don't have anymore lesions. Good luck you will get used to it.
  • MS_Navigator_Carla
    Hey there,

    I wonder if this injection anxiety workbook would help you?

    Perhaps Copaxone's Shared Solutions program would have similar materials or someone, such as a nurse, who can help out with this. I am sure you are not alone with this anxiety you're feeling. 1-800-887-8100 
  • Dav3o
    Hi Ashliejude, sorry to hear about the anxiety. Are you using the auto-inject pen thing?
  • ashliejude
    I am. I've never had to do any I jections before and I guess I was more afraid of needles than I though. Thankfully my husband is doing the injection part and it's going a lot better. 
    Still sometimes feel panicky when he injection times gets closer but now I'm getting used to it. :)
  • AliBach
    Hey there! I totally understand injection anxiety!! I previously was on Avonex and the needle was just so big! It would take me hours of staring at the shot before i would actually do it. I am also on copaxone, and I have a facbook page called The MS Mom Life... I show my injections in a "video blog-ish" lol. Feel free to check it out :) Have a blessed Sunday. 

  • Megan-W
    Ashlie, I can totally relate! I started Copaxone injections in January and still have to work up the courage to do them. In the beginning, the medication used to hurt so bad, but I feel like my body is getting more used to it. I have found that playing music helps, especially any songs about being brave! :) Do you do your shots in a certain spot in your house? I printed out Psalms 91:1-16 to read each time. I think it helps to focus on something positive, listen to some good music, and remember that your shots are your way of fighting back! Also, I just got a good follow up report from my neuro. To know the medication is working is a huge motivation to get through the shots! That moment of pain is worth a lifetime of health.
    Hoping it gets easier for you each time!!! Hang in there!
  • BMC
    I have been on copaxone for 5 years now and I understand about your anxiety. I did read that you are using the auto injector and that at least takes away your sight of the needle which can increase your anxiety compared to if you were injecting without it. Over time you will get over the anxiety especially becuase you say you are already feeling better, that's awsome. My mother also has MS, who is on Avonex, and she had my father injector her becasue that company didn't have an auto injector until just over the few past months as I understand it. She said she couldn't comprehend why someone would stick themselves with a needle even though it doesn't hurt and is necessary to stay as healthy as she can.
    Lastly are you on the everyday injection and if so you should try to change to the 3x's a week as that will also help with your anxiety.

    Best of luck
  • GonzoBear
    I experience the same exact thing it just takes time. I have been on med for 7 years now. I try to do it in private and basically try to relax.
  • ashliejude
    Thank you for all the supportive words!
    unfortunely I had to stop taking copaxone. I went Into anaphylactic shock after almost two month randomly. 
    We are looking for new options for meds and hopefully there is something that is better
  • tremainemichelle
    I can tell you this..... I have been dealing with the same anxiety for the last year. When my boy friend isnt home I cry when I do it. I hate it. I Try and do it the same time everyday and I bought a heating pad and ice for after so that I can soothe the injection site. It is the same thing everytime so I try and keep that in mind. If you really dont like it tell yout doctor. It shouldnt be hell everyday to do your injection. I do mine at night so I can sleep through my discomfort. I hope it gets easier if you ever need to talk trust me I am here and I understand. 
  • ashliejude
    Thank you!
    i ended up having to stop taking it. 
    I had an anaphylactic shock so I was taken off the med. 
    im now taking tecfedera and im two weeks in and it feels nicer. :)
    thank you for your kind words. <3

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