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  • kimberlyj82
    So, I have been on Copaxone for one year. I just had my one year follow up MRI and it showed one new lesion. For now the Neurologist is recommending to continue the Copaxone. Anyhow, does anyone take any supplemental meds for fatigue? (I also take D3 and B12).
    Anyone tried Black Cumin Seed Oil?
    I am not a fan of taking drugs, but at this point I just want to try to live the best life I can.
    Best wishes,
  • Tara357
    I've been living with MS for 17 years now.  I don't take anything special beyond the DMD and Gabapentin for my TN (which rarely flares).  I'm lucky I guess.  Beyond the TN and some other symptoms, I've been able to remain active.
    I paid attention to my first Nuero's advice after he told me I had MS in 2000. 

    He asked me what I was doing that weekend.  I said I was thinking of taking my nephews to the Big Apple Circus..

    He smiled and said "Go to the circus.  Live your life." 

  • californiadreamin
    These days more and more dr's are moving to the concept of NEDA (basically no diesase activity).  Given a new lesion the advice would generally be to move to a more effective drug.   Have you considered something like Tecifidera?  No one is a fan of drugs (or their side effects), but MS has a bunch of side effects regardless of if we like them or not.  

    That said my wife (who has MS) takes the following:

    Alpha lipoic acid (the r type) not to be confused with the one from flaxseed (
    Biotin (its not high dose just the normal stuff you can buy) - Keep following

    flaxseed oil (20ml a day)
  • radarsmom
    Hi Kimberly! Looks like you and I are about at the same place only I left Copaxone and switched to Tecfidera. But I'm not a believer in pop a pill and do nothing. I believe the meds and our bodies need our help. So, I think "what's next?" for me is truly changing my diet. I've struggled with weight issues my whole life. Done all the diets: weight watchers, nutrisystem, my fitness pal. It's truly all about balance I think. I hope. I've found that I eat a lot during the week while at my desk job, but then I get moving on the weekends. I either forget to eat or I eat bad choices. My husband and I are trying to find a new house so we've been packing up our current house. I can do about two boxes a night before I'm worn out and ready for bed, so exercise is not a priority right this second. Plus, the experts say is 90% food choices anyway. That's my what's next. Is it yours too?