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  • daveson14
    Hello all, My name is Dave, I do not have MS, however my father has had it for years. He is currently unemployed and doesn't have a stable place to live. Most of this is due to his illness and not being able to work, but also due to his attitude. I'm aware of how difficult it can be to have such a terrible illness.. But sometimes his personality and thought process is his worst enemy. I want to help him anyway I can. But rather then cater and help him physically.. I want him to better his life. Most of the time he can walk talk.. evan play guitar and throw a spinning back kick. But when he has an attack, it obviously effects him drastically. What im looking for is advice on jobs or volunteer work to get him out of the house. He is very lonely and makes excuses for everything in his life. While some of these things are do to him and not his handicap. My family is scattered across the US. And I'm both a soldier and LEO and a student.. needless to say I can't be around as much as ide like. He loves to talk, help others and is an amazing musician (when he's well) anyway what jobs have worked for others? What step is a good idea to start with in getting him into some kind of work? I feel that he needs empowerment. Something to poor his life and time into to focus on. Evan when he is feeling great for weeks, he sleeps in very late, and has no drive to do anything at all. Yet he says he wants to and misses working. Growing up he was a very hard working person. I know that due to MS he feels like he cant do anything. But i dont want to believe that. Evan one day a week could be good for him. Money is not the reason, although it could help him a bit. But more for getting out and having a "THING" to do.. will help him fight and or be happier and feel more fulfilled with his life. Any ideas would help and please share your stories so i can better understand how to help him. THANK YOU
  • MS_Navigator_Carla
    Hi Dave!  These are a few employment resources that could be helpful for your father -- 

    Vocational rehabilitation exists to help persons with disabilities regain or maintain employment.  If his MS is significantly impacting his ability to work, he can apply to their services for help exploring ways to find re-entry into a previous career or transitioning to a new career.  For information about the type of support they can provide, please see this article:  To locate your vocational rehabilitation office, please follow this link:
    Career One-Stop (a.k.a. Workforce) centers: You do not have to have a disability in order to obtain Career One-Stop services, but there may be additional programs and supports available.  He can ask if the local Career One-Stop center has a Disability Program Navigator.  Disability Program Navigators can provide services similar to a vocational rehabilitation counselor, but they often do not have the wait lists that VR may have.  Some centers will also have vocational rehabilitation counselors in house.  You are able to visit any Career One-Stop center you wish, so call to find out if there is a center in your area with a vocational rehabilitation counselor or Disability Program Navigator available.  Even if these services are not available, he could still meet with a Career One-Stop counselor for information about re-employment options:  From this link you can pull up information about the centers in your area:

    Finally, if your father is receiving any Social Security benefits, I would encourage him to find a Work Incentives Coordinator for information about Social Security Work Incentive programs for persons receiving benefits:  
    • You can locate these resources by using the following link:  or call 1-866-968-7842

  • daveson14
    Thank you for the information! I will reach out and try to get him involved.