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  • Nicole_S
    Summer is upon us which—for some people—can mean worsening of MS symptoms due to the heat. What will you do to “beat the heat” and still have FUN this summer?
  • Lissajohnson
    well the heat don't bother me like the cold do.  I love the heat and I plan on enjoying time outside with planting flowers and going to bbq and maybe some beach time. the only thing is that it makes me very tired, can I can deal with that most of the time.  I do have an cold vest that I have and I have a cold scave that I got from the store that I put ice cubes in the holder and it does wonders for me, especially during swim meets.  My boyfriend found me a fan that hangs around my neck from walmart for about 5-6 dollars.  Love it love it love it.  Please check it out works wonders for me.Well I mostely use it for the hot flashes I've been going through. Not fun but fan is the best for that.
        As far as summer heat i will enjoy it becaue once cold weather and winter comes I'm just done  Hurt way to much to enjoy anything but my electric warming blanket.
  • Tara357
    I retired to Florida to be near my family.  As you can imagine it is super hot here in the summer.  It doesn't stop me from going out.  I do avoid being on the beach doing peak hours.  Two hours is the limit.   I go around 10 am and leave by noon.  I'm under umbrellas with a good sunblock on.

    I avoid outside events that will leave me for hours outside in the sun with little respite.  So yeah, no outside day park concerts for me anymore.

    When I ride my three wheel bike, I have a damp cool hand towel under my sun hat, to keep me comfy while I ride.  I don't overdo the ride. 20 to 45 minutes tops.  I drink plenty of water. 

    In my case, the heat of Florida was easier to handle than the cold of New York.  The cold did a number on me.  It made me walk like Frankenstein with an ipod. I could never get warm enough.