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  • MSconnection
    Depression is not a sign of personal weakness. It is a significant, potentially life-threatening, symptom of MS that interferes with function and quality of life and makes other MS symptoms feel worse. Have you experienced depression related to your MS? Share your experiences and tips on how you manage depression.
  • lightweaving
    I am dealing with it poorly at the moment.
  • maria1
    I dont know the difference between ms depression or any other kind of depression, but I do know what depression looks like.  

    ​Someone once said that depression is anger turned inward. My training was always to not hurt anyone so I guess when I was angry I would always hurt myself. Suffering was my training, it was holy and healthy for living, it was necessary. Pshaw! 

    ​A psycholigst told me once, to make it okay to free myself from suffering. Gee, what a novel thought. How many religions would say that. Nah, that cant be, I was born to suffer, my religion told me so, it was holy, suffer the little children etc.

    ​But now, someone had given me permission to be happy. Ever since then I have worked actively all the time to be happy. And it has worked. I can see how much misery I have brought upon my self by letting it go, and although i have moved on to secondary progressive I dont feel as nearly awful as i did when i had rrms.

    ​I therefore give you permission to free yourself from suffering, and how you try it out, it is a much better way to live. with love and hugs and kisses, maria
  • jennifer_m
    Depression...where do I start?  The past year now I've seemed to have a chronic case of the blues.  Been there, done that with 3 different ani-depressants: they made me angry, irritable, and wrecked my sleep.  I did find out that my mom's side of the family does not react well to that class of medicines, so other means are needed instead to control it.
    As a former boss told me, "Stress and MS don't mix."  It's just plain hard to find what works to keep the blues at bay.  It'll be different for everybody.  One thing that has worked is venting sessions: I vent out all that's worrying me, with the proviso that I'm not looking for answers, I just need to explode then replace the bad with good.  I also love playing video games: focusing on a simple objective and executing same; I'm also a fierce Nintendo fan.  Writing has helped.  I can't tell you the amount of poems I've written, from happy days to need-a-do-over days.  MS has awakened the muse in me, so I keep a notebook in my purse all the time now.
    Also, coming on to this website helps.  I haven't posted anything since before summer, but I'm on Ocrevus now, my body appreciates the change in meds, and I'm in a better frame of mind to walk in the world of Planet MS again.

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