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Finding Holiday Gratitude

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We can all find a lot to be thankful for… if we just know where to look.
If you're anything like me, the holidays can be quite stressful. Granted it's supposed to be a very joyous time of year, but the preparation leading up to it can be extremely exhausting..

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

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When I was first diagnosed about 30 years ago, MS was some mysterious, archaic, incurable disease that not many had heard of, let alone understood. When my doctor told me good luck and sent me on my way, I knew it was my job to bury it and never look back. After all, if I couldn't fix it, I didn't want any part of it. I knew there were groups that helped people "cope" with this illness, but if I attended a meeting, it would only mean two things. One, I would surely face my inevitably bleak future, and two, it would mean I've accepted that I actually have MS. I wasn't ready to own it at this point, or ever...