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I Got 99 Problems and 87 of Them are Side Effects

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When I was first diagnosed about 5 years ago, I was prescribed Rebif, which is a subcutaneous injection, injected 3 times a week.
Now, as if being suddenly diagnosed out of the blue at 22 years old again, I’m losing feeling in my hands, feeling like I'd lost everything I worked for previously. I now had to comprehend injecting myself 3 times a week all over again with what felt like super strong acid...

MS vs. Airport Assistance

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After our last holiday to Nashville, Tennessee, I had to do something about how I navigate the airport. I could not be ill on this holiday. Not like last time.   I had never heard of “airport assistance” until I came across it on an MS group on social media...

How a Shirt Can Make All the Difference

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So, this is one of those blogs you may or may not completely agree with.   Now, don’t get me wrong—I know a shirt or pair of sneakers won’t exactly cure your MS, but it can certainly make a difference...

Dealing with Literal Loneliness

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Being diagnosed with MS at any age is never fun, but when you’re a young person diagnosed with MS, it seems to change more in your mind than just myelin!   I was diagnosed at just 22 years old. When I came out of the hospital after my diagnosis, I had to confront what seemed like a new life...