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How to MS Like a Boss

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How do you MS like a boss?! How do you “own it?” How do you feel more self-empowered with MS?   I was super inspired by the recent actions of ultimate-MS-boss Selma Blair beautifully displaying herself on the red carpet at the vanity fair Oscar party for the first time since her multiple sclerosis diagnosis...

The Power of “I Am”

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It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own negative thoughts, especially with the number of symptoms we have. Do you ever say something to yourself like, “I am so exhausted today” or “I feel like trash” at least a million times a day?   Believe it or not, this is just making a bad situation worse. How?...

I Got 99 Problems and 87 of Them are Side Effects

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When I was first diagnosed about 5 years ago, I was prescribed Rebif, which is a subcutaneous injection, injected 3 times a week.   Now, as if being suddenly diagnosed out of the blue at 22 years old again, I’m losing feeling in my hands, feeling like I'd lost everything I worked for previously. I now had to comprehend injecting myself 3 times a week all over again with what felt like super strong acid...

MS vs. Airport Assistance

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After our last holiday to Nashville, Tennessee, I had to do something about how I navigate the airport. I could not be ill on this holiday. Not like last time.   I had never heard of “airport assistance” until I came across it on an MS group on social media...

How a Shirt Can Make All the Difference

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So, this is one of those blogs you may or may not completely agree with.   Now, don’t get me wrong—I know a shirt or pair of sneakers won’t exactly cure your MS, but it can certainly make a difference...

Dealing with Literal Loneliness

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Being diagnosed with MS at any age is never fun, but when you’re a young person diagnosed with MS, it seems to change more in your mind than just myelin!   I was diagnosed at just 22 years old. When I came out of the hospital after my diagnosis, I had to confront what seemed like a new life...