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Long-Term Care & Multiple Sclerosis

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Part of my duties as a financial advisor is to provide a comprehensive strategy for clients preparing to transition into retirement. I create a financial plan that not only considers investment recommendations, but also how our clients can afford healthcare during retirement. The fact that I live with multiple sclerosis makes me particularly empathetic towards the challenges associated with the accessibility of healthcare. Since my diagnosis in 2012, I have been denied health insurance, life insurance, and fully understand that I am not qualified to purchase long-term care insurance due to my MS.
The traditional conversation regarding “healthcare” is not broad enough to include the rising cost of custodial care. How does an MS patient manage to pay for traditional medical care and assistance conducting ordinary daily activities around the home? Furthermore, how can someone living with a pre-existing condition like multiple sclerosis gain access to insurance that helps pay for fundamental functional abilities like bathing, eating, and getting in and out of a bed or chair?...